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When surfing online, you will find many replacements for the LED bulb upgrade. If you have tried led products before, you may probably find that some LED headlight bulb suppliers on the market provide the LEDs exist the problems---having difficulty in installation or poor lighting performance but with a high price.


If you are looking for an LED replacement that integrates a mini-sized design, attractive price with a high-quality and unique appearance. NAO’s latest LED Headlight Bulb --- NE will be highly recommended for you! With an innovative design, NE LED Bulb provides high brightness and smaller size for plug and play installation. Great at night for seeing hazards in the distance. As a Car Headlight Bulb manufacture, NAO is dedicated to producing the Best LED Headlight Bulbs at a competitive price, trusted by millions of distributors. NAO is a brand that you can really rely on!

Stylish, Unique appearance

Produce’s look and aesthetics play a significant role in choosing LED bulb replacements. NE is impressed by its distinctive appearance. With a creative design “I Love” in the bottom of the aluminum, NE conveys a belief that “ Life just got brighter because of love ”. It is love that keeps NAO pursuing high-end LED headlight bulbs for you. We love our life, our family and friends, we are enthusiastic about the future. NE LED encourages you to keep pursuing what you love as an intimate friend, making you believe that “The future is difference because of love”. The body of NE Bulb is similar to a bullet, suggesting “be bold, be bright, be safe”.

High brightness

Equipped with 3*60 MIL NAO customized flip chip, offering instantly 25W 3000 LM of clear light, NE LED provides you a brighter light than the original halogen. These bulbs have a small body but high brightness. As the best quality led headlight supplier in China, we are confident that NE bulbs are the perfect choice to replace your halogen or HID bulbs.

Mini-sized design

Our NE builds with a smaller design than the common LEDs in the market that without building an external driver, directly plug into your factory housing. In addition, the size of NE Bulb is almost the same close to halogen. With its all-in-one design, NE Car Bulbs are suitable for 99% of vehicles, no rewiring or modification required, giving back a simple life for you.

Efficient Cooling Design

You can easily find in the market that some LED light factories are likely to sacrifice the cooling system for higher brightness. Thanks to the upgraded aluminum and intelligent temperature control driver, NE achieves efficient heat dissipation. NE bulbs deprive the heat out of the chip, achieving rapid cooling through a large area of aluminum and a 7500RPM high-speed mute fan. The intelligent temperature control driver protects the bulb from over-temperature, expanding the lifespan to 30,000 hours.



As a led light bulb wholesaler in China. NAOEVO creates high-quality LEDs that enable our distributors to maintain their competitive edge and drive innovations. NE LED Bulb, a unique, exclusive, small-sized light that really satisfies you always, is waiting for you here! So, Why not give NE a shot today?

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