About Us

Founded in 2006, NAOEVO is a professional led headlight manufacturer with over 16 years experience in automotive and motorcycle led lighting. Now we have made a great achievement under brands such as NAOEVO, NAO, MOTOLED, iLight and 5D.

Over a decade, we have been manufacturing quality LED headlight bulbs with high brightness and perfect beam pattern for our distributors. We know cars, we know the demands of customers, we entered the car headlight business to move lots of clients from HID industry to LED marketplace. We proud ourselves on providing some headlight models that are very popular in the market such as C6,S3, S4 PRO, GT6, Max3, ND, M3, M3MINI, M3S, M3PLUS, M3AC and the M3MAX.

NAOEVO now is a quality led headlight bulb manufacturer trusted by many distributors around the world.


We have about 10000m² production area located in Guangzhou, over 200 skillful employees, 20 professional engineers and the best sales team. What’s really matter is all our staff pass through that relative training and certification to make sure they are competent at their work.



Automation comes first in our manufacturing. Every production line is equipped with high-tech facilities. Here are our SMT machines (Surface Mounter Technology). The electronic components of led bulb will be assembled by these machines and placed on the surface of a circuit board, then soldered with the reflow process which finally becomes a mainboard. In this way, the drivers and chips will be attached tightly to avoid the possible quality issues in bulk on the market. 



This automatic soldering machine uses the robot’s movement function to complete the soldering process by melting the tin, which can reach the result of rapidity and stability. Thanks to this machine, some LED electronic devices will be joined by soldering which is more stable and reliable than artificial tin-coating, successfully avoiding the headlight failure resulting from false welding.



We apply the automatic glue dispensing machine to inject the glue in LED drivers, making sure they are water-resistant, stable and well dissipation. This machine drips and applies fluid to the product surface to achieve precise positioning, precise control of glue, no drawing, no leaking, no dripping. Clearer and better quality than artificial operation.


Look at this big ball, it is called integrating sphere, which uses to measure the total light radiated from a lamp. we use it to test the color temperature, luminous flux, power and current to ensure an accurate lumen rating of each led car bulbs.


As a led headlight bulb is made, we will put it into the high temperature Oven for durability testing. Generally, when the bulb is lighting, it will reach  around 30℃. While starting the car engine, the whole headlight housing will exceed to about 70℃. Given that situation, the bulb will be installed in the headlight assembly and tested at over 105℃ in this high temperature oven to ensure it still worked at a higher temperature than when starting the car engine.


All the led headlight bulbs are tested for ip67 rating. Besides, the bulbs will also go through for frozen test. Excellent water-proof and anti-frozen make them perform well for travelling in extreme situation.



Perfect light beam pattern is one of our top priorities. Every led headlight bulb will be tested with the light beam pattern test system and optical design software when the light distribution was designed. Equipped with a dark room with 180 degree of measurable space, we can accurately and clearly see the light spread and lux on the wall and ground when turning on the headlights so that we can improve the bulb for better performance and light beam pattern. The left one is the standard 45° cut-off line on low beam, while the right is the concentrated light on high beam. We guarantee that every bulb shipped to our customers contains a perfect light beam pattern and high brightness.


All finished goods will be stayed in aging testing for 2 hours before leaving the factory. If they don’t pass the test, we will send back to the production line for re-develop, re-design and re-testing. We follow a strict quality control and go through 4 stages of inspections, they are inspections for semi-finished production, manufacturing process, finished products before delivery and finished production. We ensure zero defect products are shipped to our clients.



When LED headlight bulbs are ready, our clients will have a chance to print their custom logo on the bulb body or the LED driver with this laser printer. The laser is computer controlled to ensure accuracy, clearness and long-lasting use.


NAOEVO  lighting has been certified by E-MARK, DOT, CE, RoHs, ISO9001 and TS16949.



As a LED headlight bulb supplier, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and stable performance LED headlights for our distributors. For 15 years, we have sold millions of LED headlight bulb to thousands of companies at home and abroad, cooperating with thousands of distributors around the world. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of NAOEVO, reach out to us today and let us help you to succeed and get more benefit!