The 8 Top-Rated H11 LED Car Light Bulbs In India

Are you looking for the hot-selling H11 LED headlight bulbs in India? Do you want to know how to choose the value-for-money H11 LED headlight for car in India? Which H11 car LED headlight bulbs produce more excellent brightness without dazzling other drivers? Which is the top manufacturing company of automotive headlight bulbs in India?


You all must have these kinds of questions in your mind. Here are some buying guides on the top 8 best H11 LED car bulbs in India, which will assist you in selecting the most suitable LED headlights for your vehicle.


Top-rated H8/H9/H11 LED headlight for car in India


#1. Philips X-treme Ultinon H11 LED headlight kits

Philips Automotive Lighting is a well-known brand in India and one of the world’s largest suppliers of car headlight bulbs. If you are looking for H11 LED bulbs with a stylish look and high-performing brightness. This Philips X-treme Ultinon H11 LED car bulb should be your first choice!

This brand-new X-tremeUltinon series LED headlight is the culmination of technological innovation in recent years! Its patented design from Philips has achieved a headlight that exceeds expectations in every field. Thanks to the Luxeon LED technology, Philips H11 LED bulbs are able to produce bright white light with a color temperature of 5800K. It is closer to the color of the natural daylight, helping drivers stay alert and improved visibility.

With the help of SafeBeam Technology, the X-tremeUltinon LED headlights produce uniform and accurate beam patterns, designed according to road safety regulations.

Moreover, Philips has implemented advanced AirFlux technologies to increase the bulb’s heat resistance, diverting heat from other components, thus extending its lifespan. The body of Philips H11 LED bulbs is made of solid aluminum, making for an impressively durable bulb with a long lifespan of up to 10 years.



Product type: H8/H9/H11
Lumen: 1350LM
Wattage: 22W
Voltage: 12V
Color temperature: 5800K
Warranty: 3 years


#2. Osram LEDriving Gen2 HL H11 LED bulb

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your dim halogen headlight bulbs to the very latest state-of-the-art LED technology? Have you ever tried LED headlight bulbs but ended up disappointed? Here, OSRAM aims to completely change that with their premium LED retrofit range - LEDriving HL H11 LED headlamp.

As expected, the LEDriving H11 continues to produce the miraculous combination of highly stylish white light with a color temperature of 6000K while also increasing light on the road. Moreover, the high beam and low beam emitted from Osram LEDriving produce excellent light beam patterns in all kinds of projector and reflector headlamps. It can increase your visibility with superior brightness and improve your style with a modern, dynamic look.

Because of the economical LED technology and OSRAM’s sleekness, these H11 LEDriving headlamps offer an extremely long life of up to 8 years. More impressive still, they come backed by a generous five-year guarantee. With these features and benefits, the Osram LEDriving H11 LED bulbs have quickly become the fastest sellers in the Indian market.



Product type: H8/H9/H11
Lumen: 1215LM
Wattage: 15.40W
Voltage: 12/24V
Color temperature: 6000K
Warranty: 5 years


#3. Bosch H11 IRIS LED headlamp

With over 130 years of pioneering spirit and expertise in research and manufacturing, Bosch carries the latest LED technology to the domestic automotive lighting market in India and worldwide. In order to make driving safer and more comfortable at night, Bosch has launched the newest four-wheeler lighting bulbs; the IRIS H11 LED Retrofit Headlights.

The ETI chips installed in the bulbs are of superior quality, ensuring a bright and constant beam with 6000K white light, which caters to the clarity of the drivers' vision. IRIS LED bulbs provide up to 100% bright white light for superior visibility and are 80% more efficient than stock halogen headlight bulbs. You can experience day-like vision in the darkest of the night with the Bosch IRIS LED car headlights.

The Bosch IRIS H11 LED bulbs are designed with a stylish aesthetic look with copper elements to ensure water resistance and an intelligent temperature control system.
Some of you may be annoyed by the complicated installation. Bosch IRIS LED bulbs have an almost 1:1 design, the same as halogen bulbs, and perfectly fit into your housing and factory H8/H9/H11 sockets without any modification. Just move the old bulbs and plug and play.

Bosch has very high recognition in India. You can have a try with these high-quality IRIS H11 LED bulbs. We believe that they won’t let you down!



Product type: H8/H9/H11
Lumen: 2300LM
Wattage: 30W
Voltage: 12V
Color temperature: 6000K
Warranty: 1 year


#4. Autobahn LED P9 H11 LED Headlight Kits

The AUTOBAHN P9 H11 LED headlight bulb is a popular item in India that you can purchase confidently. If you are looking for LED car light bulbs that produce high brightness, this is undoubtedly one of the best options to upgrade your headlights.

With a high-quality Automotive Grade 4570 LED chip, this P9 H11 LED bulb produces a fantastic output of 86W, 16,000 Lumens (Set of two), which is 200% brighter light than halogen bulbs. The Autobahn’s latest headlight bulb technology ensures that all the drivers have improved visibility at night without dazzling oncoming traffic.

Also, this P9 LED bulb complies with the ECE R37 standard, producing 6500K pure white light without any bluish effect, thus making for better distinction between obstacles, pedestrians and vehicles.

Heat dissipation is directly related to the lifespan of the LED headlight bulbs. Autobahn H11 headlight bulbs come with a slim copper substrate with a high-speed turbo fan for better cooling. The large-space heat sink helps to accelerate airflow and improve heat dissipation. With its efficient cooling design, this bulb can keep running for over 50,000 hours.

Also, the Autobahn P9 H11 headlight bulb carries a Canbus driver, making it compatible with most vehicles without any radio interference.



Product type: H8/H9/H11
Lumen: 8,000LM
Wattage: 43W
Voltage: 12V
Color temperature: 6500K
Warranty: 2 years


#5. Novsight N31 H11/H8/H9 LED car headlight bulb

Novsight is among the most popular brands in the Indian automotive lighting market. They are a company specializing in designing and selling the best auto LED lighting, especially for Indian vehicles.

One of the customer’s priorities is always brightness, and these Novsight N31 H11 LED headlights won’t let you disappointed. The Novsight N31 LED headlights offer 60W, 10,000 Lumens superior brightness, up to 300% brighter than original halogen headlight bulbs. The beam patterns are also comfy and cause little glare for other drivers.

Durability is a huge concern for every owner, and you will be surprised to hear that this bulb can last for over 50,000 hours. It is based on an aluminum body that enhances durability. Say goodbye to overheating issues as its high-speed mute fan will keep the bulb fresh and overheating issues at bay.

This Novsight H11 LED bulb is ranked as the highest IP68 waterproof, which allows the bulbs to work steadily in any weather condition. Besides, the Canbus driver works with 99% of the vehicle’s computer without errors.



Product type: H8/H9/H11
Lumen: 10,000 LM
Wattage: 60 W
Voltage: 12V
Color temperature: 6500K
Warranty: 2 years


#6. Blaupunkt 9X Pro H11 LED headlamp

Blaupunkt H11 H8 H9 is an incredible piece of energy-efficient car LED headlight bulb that not only treats you with a super cool color temperature of 6000K but also immense durability.

Moreover, as a famous automotive lighting brand in India, Blaupunkt is dedicated to providing the best lighting solution that better suits to the Indian roadway circumstances. This 9X Pro H11 LED headlamp comes with a brightness of 35W 3200LM per bulb and provides an intense bright beam with uniform light distribution to improve overall visibility. With enhanced vision, you are better to spot obstacles and take immediate action much ahead.

Importantly the Blaupunkt H11 LED bulb has passed the IP68 water-resistant rating. It means that it will perform well in all weather conditions without worrying about the corrosion issue. The two-year warranty is also a reflection of its product quality.

With the latest technology and compact design, these new LED headlights make for easy installation, and the external Canbus driver makes the LED bulb compatible with most vehicles' computer systems.



Product type: H8/H9/H11
Lumen: 6,400 LM
Wattage: 70 W
Voltage: 12V
Color temperature: 6000K
Warranty: 2 years


#7. Otoroys Geniune H11 LED Automotive Headlight Bulb

The Otoroys H11 LED headlight kit is an excellent choice for your car to enjoy superior lighting. Two bulbs are included in the package, and each bulb offers 36W, and 4500LM.

Otoroys H11 LED light provides a 6500K cool white light and allows you to drive your car safely at night. With CSP LED chip, this bulb is able to provide a precise light beam with maximal brightness. Using the Otoroys H11 LED bulb, you can get 30% more lighting compared to factory halogen headlights.

The high-quality aluminum lamp body and the high-speed mute fan make the bulb achieve better heat dissipation. What’s more, this bulb has passed the highest Ip68 rating, making it waterproof and dustproof so that it can provide continuous lighting for over 10,000 hours and work in extreme situations.

The Otoroys H11 LED headlight is all-in-one design for easy installation. Thus, cars that support H8/H9/H11 can use this Otoroys LED headlight bulb easily.



Product type: H8/H9/H11
Lumen: 9,000 LM
Wattage: 72 W
Voltage: 12V
Color temperature: 6500K
Warranty: 2 years


#8. NAOEVO ND Series H11 LED Headlight Bulb

Though located in China, NAOEVO Automotive Lighting Company is one of the most powerful and reliable manufacturers in India. This company is featured by providing high brightness and quality automotive lighting. Among their many products, ND LED headlamps have become the best-seller in the Indian car lighting market.

This is without a doubt one of the best and brightest to look into if you have enough of your dim halogen bulbs. By using proprietary flip-chip technology, ND LED headlight bulb is able to produce 70W 8400LM per bulb, which deserves to be called the brightest LED car bulb in India.

You will be surprised to see that ND H11 LED headlight offers high brightness while still maintaining a perfect beam pattern in any projector and reflector assembly. You will obviously love to have super precise cutoff lines, great width, uniform, and cool white light. The excellent light beam pattern emitted from ND H11 LED bulb greatly prevents oncoming drivers from being blinded by the dazzling light.

If you are concerned about the overheating issue, ND LED bulb makes it no longer a problem. Enjoy an exceptional long lifespan of over 50,000 hours without thinking about overheating problem as this bulb incorporates unique double copper heat pipe and an 8500RPM high-speed mute fan that curbs down most of the heats.



Product type: H8/H9/H11
Lumen: 16,800 LM
Wattage: 140 W
Voltage: 12V
Color temperature: 6500K
Warranty: 2 years


Overview of Best H11 LED Headlight Bulb in India

If you are discovering the Best H11 LED headlight bulb in India. Then this ND series H11 LED headlight bulb should be your best choice. Let’s see why ND is so popular in the Indian market!


Brightest LED Headlight Bulb


With quality flip-chip technology and reasonable chip placement, ND LED headlight bulbs are capable of providing the brightest light of 140W 16,800 Lumens, definitely the brightest LED headlight bulb in India. This ND LED bulb can increase your headlights’ light range, giving you a clearer, longer, and brighter beam even in serious darkness.


Perfect Light Beam Pattern

A safe and effective headlight beam pattern plays a significant role in road safety. Some LED headlight brands are likely to sacrifice the safe beam in exchange for high brightness. However, the ND LED bulb keeps a great balance of its high brightness and standard light beam pattern. With this bulb, you will see precise and uniform cutoff line without any glare or dark spots.


Efficient Heat Dissipation

High-power LED headlight bulb generates more heat than normal car LED headlights. If the temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the performance of the lamp. The ND LED headlight bulb is equipped with the latest cooling technology. With typical dual copper heat pipe and high-speed mute fan, ND LED bulb provides 2-3 times higher thermal capability than normal headlight bulbs.


Unique “Spider” Design

Besides the aesthetic lighting from ND, the “spider” designed heat sink gives the customers a feeling of surprise! A unique spider heat sink is one of the reasons that makes ND stand out from other ordinary lamps. Everyone wants to be extraordinary, this stylishly-designed ND LED bulb turns your vehicle into a real eye-catcher, attracting glances from all around.


From Quality Headlight Bulb Factory


Every great product is contributed to the strong factory support behind it, and so does ND LED car bulb. ND LED headlight is produced by NAOEVO, a professional automotive lighting manufacturer with its own factory in China. The automated production in NAOEVO’s factory guarantees product quality.

Moreover, the QR team strictly controls the production and makes each production step comply with the corresponding standards.



All the LED headlight bulb mentioned above given list have been ungraded and described only after considering their features and the value for money. There are various kinds of LED headlight bulb in India, we hope this buying guide can help you find the LED headlight bulbs to best suit your budget and needs.

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