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When you surf online, it is not surprising to find that there are many LED bulb factories providing LED lights that are either too big to install, short lifespan or being too noisy. Besides, you may have a headache replacing their headlight bulbs frequently due to fan failure now and time. Concerning all these problems, NAOEVO, the best LED headlight supplier, highly recommends a new product for you! That’s NAO NF, an outstanding LED headlight bulb with a fanless design, providing you a quiet driving environment while do not affect the heat cooling system in the bulb. Here are some remarkable features of NF.

Fanless Design

Adopted with a high-tech fanless design, NF LED Bulb receives better and smooth radio signals, zero fan failure, offering you a quieter driving environment and bringing you a more comfortable driving experience. Compared to fan LED headlights, this remarkable fanless design makes NF LED auto bulb a longer lifespan up to 30,000 hours. With fanless design but do not affect its heat dissipation system. The large area of aluminum heat sink can better deprive the heat and enhance its lifespan. In addition, in some areas with low temperature, the cooling performance of fanless NF LED is more stable than that of LEDs with fan, keeping NF LED headlight in good condition.

High Brightness

20W, 2400LM per pair, NAO NF Bulb uses 9 pieces of NAO customized flip chips, the lighting position is the same as traditional halogen, but 200% brighter than it. The brightness provided by NF with no dark areas, no shadow, no added glare, safer way for night driving.

Effective Heat Dissipation

single-sided copper + a large area of aluminum = duplex heat dissipation. NAO NF Bulb draws the heat out of the chips through its single-sided copper substrate and extensive aluminum. More efficient heat dissipation than other LED bulbs on the market. In addition, NF uses an intelligent temperature control driver, preventing the bulbs from excess temperature. Taking a better heat dissipation, NF achieves a long lifespan up to 30,000 hours.


Optimized Beam Pattern

This NF LED Bulb has 9 pieces of high-quality flip chips with an ultra-slim single-sided copper, the position of the NF chip is 1:1 the same as the halogen. With a 360°adjustable beam pattern, NF provides a perfect light beam pattern that is easily fitted into the housing and adjusted the luminous direction. NF LED Bulb provides a standard 45°cut-off line for low beam and super focus on high beam. NF presents the standard light beam pattern but does NOT blind oncoming traffic, no glare to other drivers. NAO, a LED headlight manufacturer was founded over 15 years ago in 2006 to bring the best and the safest light to the industry.

Mini-sized Design

Compared with the halogen and other bulbs without a fan, NF has a mini body design, which is compatible with 98% vehicles without modification, code error, or any radio interference. Thanks to its small body, the installation space is small while the heat dissipation is increased.



Offering brightness, safety and stylish style, the best brand led bulbs for cars, NAOEVO is widely trusted by thousands of distributors around the world. You won’t be putting you and your passengers at risk while driving at night with the NAO NF Bulbs since its brightness, good light beam and long lifespan. Install it, you’ll feel that your life is changing and the way is safer and lighter for night driving. Wherever you are, NF is waiting for you here!

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