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H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series
66% off
H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

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H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series
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H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

Sale price
$20.99 USD
Regular price
$59.99 USD
H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series, 2 Bulbs
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H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series - NAOEVO

H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series, 2 Bulbs

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H11/9/8 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series, 2 Bulbs
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H11/9/8 Led Headlight Bulbs GT6 Series 10000LM | NAOEVO

H11/9/8 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series, 2 Bulbs

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H7 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series, 2 Bulbs
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H7 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series - NAOEVO

H7 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series, 2 Bulbs

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H7 LED Light Bulb 120W 13000LM 6500K White | NAOEVO MAX3 Series
Super Bright H7 LED Light Bulb 13000LM 6500K Easy Plug and Play - NAOEVO

H7 LED Light Bulb 120W 13000LM 6500K White | NAOEVO MAX3 Series

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H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm
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H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm - NAOEVO

H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm

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Find The Best H4 LED Light For Cars in India 2022

What’s the most crucial part of a car for driving through the harsh weather? That’s the light! Having a pair of high-performance H4 headlight bulbs will ensure superior visibility on the road. There are many H4 car light bulb options in the Indian market. Getting a set of H4 LED bulbs from online or physical stores is a piece of cake.


However, finding the optimum H4 LED headlights in the market is just like dredging for a needle in the sea. What are the best H4 replacement bulbs for Indian cars and where can I get them?


So in this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the hottest selling H4 LED headlight kits in the Indian market. We will give you some references, and assist you to select the most appropriate H4 headlight kits for your vehicle. Continue reading to choose the correct headlight bulbs for your vehicle.


What cars use H4 headlight bulbs?

The H4 is the most commonly used headlight bulb model in Indian vehicles. They are designed with high beam and low beam, and illuminate as standard as halogen headlights. They have quickly become a popular replacement for those who want to upgrade their headlights. Here is part of cars in India that use H4/9003 headlights.


(Notes: H4 headlight bulbs are supported in most Indian cars with high beam and low beam. Before installing a new headlamp, please check your headlight bulbs model carefully.)

 Model Type Model Type Model Type
Chevrolet Beat H4 Hyundai Sonata H4 Maruti S-cross Old H4
Chevrolet Cruze H4 Hyundai Xcent H4 Maruti Swift-All Models H4
Chevrolet Spark H4 Mahindra Bolaro H4 Maruti WagonR-All Models H4
Chevrolet Tavera H4 Mahindra KUV100 H4 Nissan Micra H4
Datsun Go/Go+ H4 Mahindra NuvoSport H4 Nissan Sunny H4
Fiat Punto H4 Mahindra Quanto H4 Renault Kwid H4
Ford EcoSport H4 Mahindra Thar H4 Renault Lodgy H4
Ford Figo/Aspire H4 Mahindra TUV300 H4 Skoda Octovia H4
Honda Amaze-Old & New H4 Mahindra Verito/Sedan/Vibe CS H4 Skoda Rapid H4
Honda Brio H4 Mahindra Xylo H4 Skoda Superb H4
Honda BRV H4 Maruti Alto 800Maruti Alto 800 H4 Tata Grande H4
Honda City 98-2001 H4 Maruti Alto K10 H4 Tata Nano H4
Honda Jazz Old & New H4 Maruti A-Star H4 Tata Sumo Gold H4
Honda WR-V H4 Maruti Celerio H4 Tata Tiago/Tata Tigor H4
Hyundai Accent H4 Maruti Dzire-All Models H4 Toyota Corolla Old H4
Hyundai Eon H4 Maruti Eeco H4 Toyota Etios/Cross/Liva H4
Hyundai Getz H4 Maruti Ertiga H4 Toyota Innova Old H4
Hyundai Grand i10 H4 Maruti Gypsy H4 Volkswagen Polo Old H4
Hyundai i10 H4 Maruti Ignis H4 Volkswagen Vento H4
Hyundai i20 Old H4 Maruti New Baleno H4
Hyundai Santro-All Models H4 Maruti Ritz H4



Osram H4 LEDriving HL LED Bulb 50W/12V 6000K White (Set of 2)



If you want the headlight bulbs from a reliable brand. Then OSRAM H4 LEDriving is a good choice for you! As a centennial brand in the lighting industry, OSRAM has gained the trust of many car owners, so do its products. This amazing new generation of Osram LEDriving HL Headlamps has earned a good reputation in the Indian Automotive Lighting Market.


Thanks to its practical Plug&Play technology, these new LED retrofit lamps by Osram promise convenient installation. You can install these LED light bulbs in only a few steps.


With 50W 6000 Kelvin, these Osram light bulbs help drivers identify and react to hazards more quickly even in a harsh environment. They offer shark fin style cooling fan for sustainable heat dissipation. Further characteristics of these high-quality headlights are the long lifespan of up to 5 years.


OSRAM LEDriving Headlights fulfill all the expectations of the customers. In addition, 2 bulbs will be included in the package.

Novsight H4 LED Headlight Kit 9000LM 72W Fast Cooling

The Novsight H4 LED conversion kits are the perfect choice for those who desire safer road driving. Built in COB LED chips with 72W/Pair (36W/bulb) and 9000LM/Pair (4500LM/bulb), and 6500K cool white. These bulbs provide 300% brighter than halogen headlights. Definitely provide you the best horizons but does not blind oncoming traffic.


In addition, it’s said that these Novsight H4 LED light bulbs are all in one design for easy plug-n-play use, only take no more than 20 minutes, and perfectly fit your headlight housing.


All in one aluminum material is used in the body with a 12,000 RPM two ball fan which achieves a 20 times heat dissipation effect than a normal product. It also claims that these bulbs have almost up to 50,000 hours of lifespan.


Philips P-43t H4 Ultinon LED Headlamps 11342UL (30W, 2000LM,6200K)

The technologically advanced Philips lighting is renowned in the automotive industry and has been for over 100 years. The one who buys Philips also buys quality. These Philips P-43t H4 Ultinon LED headlights adopt SafeBeam technology and AirFlux technology.

They provide 30W 2000LM centralized light so that drivers can see better and react faster, and won’t dazzle others. These Philips H4 LED car light bulbs use a brand new bulb design integrating with an internal driver in the body to create the compact design. These mini bulbs fit a wide range of car models and can be easily installed.


Philips P-43t offers a color temperature of 6200 Kelvin daylight-like beam. With clearer vision, you are able to spot the hazards and make for a more comfortable night-time driving.


If you want bright and stylish look LED headlight bulbs, but you don’t want to keep replacing the bulbs frequently, then Philips is the best choice for you! Philips P-43t LED headlights operate at low and stable power, and they show superior durability with up to 8 years lifespan.


Carzex Fighter H4 All in One LED Conversion Kit 50W/9,000LM

Buy this premium H4 LED car light bulb from Carzex Fighter It comes with a high-power and bigger CSP chip which can ensure the brightness of 50W 9000LM 6000K with a 360° beam angle. They offer a better option compared to halogen bulbs, cause the Carzex is more energy-efficient and produces 500% brighter light.


In addition, they are equipped with a 6500RPM super fast cooling fan for excellent heat dissipation. The lifetime of this led light bulb is up to 30,000 hours, so you can keep the bulb in your car for a long time and don’t need to change as frequently as halogen headlights.


Another feature we can see is that these Carzex headlight bulbs come with 11x11x5 cm dimensions and the weight is around 300 grams. Super compact design as halogens and they follow super easy plug-n-play technique.


Any car that supports the H4 LED headlight bulbs can have a try with these mini bulbs.

AUTOBAHN LED F5 G-XP3 110W 20000LM Automotive Bulb


Check out this impressive H4 car headlight from Autobahn F5 G-XP3 that comes in a set of 2 bulbs. Equipped with the newest LED chip technology, they produce 110W 20000LM brightness and claimed that they couldn’t find another bulb on the market that produces as much brightness as F5 bulbs while still maintaining a perfect light beam pattern. Nice bulbs for those who are looking for the brightest LED bulbs.


Designed with a turbine heat sink, 13000RPM powerful dual ball fan, and a copper heat pipe, these bulbs can conduct the heat from the chip faster. With these Autobahn He headlights, drivers never have to worry that high output headlights would damage the assembly.


These Autobahn H4 LED light bulbs come with an intelligent Canbus driver, and they are anti-interference and won’t cause error code problems. Water testing to ensure quality, these bulbs have passed IP65 rating. It is claimed that you can put the LED bulbs into the water and they can still work normally.

OTOROYS H4 LED Headlight Bulb Geniune Hi/Lo 72W 9000LM


Driving at night could be a dangerous task, so don’t miss these incredible car light bulbs from OTOROYS that provides 72W 9000LM for imported CSP LED chips. Wherever you are, these bulbs have a better vision for normal night driving, better penetration, and a stronger condenser for driving in extreme weather. They can light up 30% more light on the road than stock halogen headlights.


Moreover, these OTOROYS H4 LED headlight bulbs are all-in-one, and plug-n-play design. With a high quality aviation aluminum lamp body, it claims that these bulbs can last for over 10,000 hrs of continuous light.

 NAOEVO H4 LED Headlight Conversion Kit S4 Pro Series 60W 7200LM



Looking for a bulb that can perform well in all weather conditions? The NAOEVO H4 LED headlight kits S4 series are the most optimum choice for those who require a better vision no matter driving on a normal night or a rainy, and foggy day. What makes these bulbs distinctive from other brands is that they combine 3 colors (6500K White, 4300K Warm, 3000K Yellow) and flashing mode.


With these bulbs, you can enjoy enhanced visibility while driving on different weather conditions: 6500K is bright enough to lit the road up on an ordinary night, 4300K can be used on a rainy and snowy day, and 3000K has a stronger penetrate light for foggy and smoggy weather. Focus and standard light beam pattern with 60W 7200LM, 300% brighter than halogen while using less power consumption.


Another feature of these bulbs is that they are almost 1:1 small size as halogens, which can be easily installed in most of the headlight housing and leave out enough room for heat transmission.


Efficient heat dissipation is also a remarkable point of NAOEVO H4 headlights, the body of the bulb is equipped with aviation aluminum, and an intelligent high-speed mute fan, thus ensuring a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

H4 LED Headlight Bulbs Full Comparison

H4 LED headlight bulb compare

Buying Guide: Methods to Find High-Quality H4 Headlight Bulbs

Quality is of the utmost significance element when you select car light bulbs, buying premium LED car light bulbs can last for over 10 years and provide excellent brightness which won’t damage your headlight assembly or blind other drivers. Here are some of the important factors to be considered when you are shopping around.



How bright the LED light for a car is can be measured in lumens. Lumen is a measurement of the amount of visible light emitted by a bulb or a light source.


Usually, the best LED headlights will produce a range of 5,000 to 15,000 lumens (pair), with 6,000 to 8000 lumens are bright enough for night driving. Those above 10,000 lumens may be an absurd advertising gimmick, so you’ve better take this a pinch of salt.


You have to pay attention that some LED brands design the bulbs with low output and high lumens, they would damage the bulb and the headlights assembly easily.


Beam Pattern

Light beam pattern will decide the LED light bulb is street legal or not. If the LED bulbs produce scattered or glaring light, they will blind the oncoming traffic, and cause security risks. A quality LED headlight kit produces a low beam with a standard 45 degrees cut-off line and focus high beam.


Heat Dissipation

Good heat dissipation is the result of the long lifespan of LED headlight bulbs. The 6063 aluminum body and heat sink, copper heat pipe, and high-speed fan are all contributed to an active cooling system, and prolonged the lifespan of the led headlights. A high-performance headlight bulb can last for over 50,000 hours.



Installation could be annoying if you select a bulb that is not suitable for your headlight assembly. You would find that most of the LED car bulbs are advertised as easy Plug-n-Play but some are not the case.

A true plug-n-play light bulb that has exactly the same locking tap, and the LED bulbs are about the same size as halogen could be better. Besides, the plugs are also the same as your halogen which can be connected to draw power.



Different auto lighting manufacturers offer different product warranties. Some offer a warranty of 1 year while some of the suppliers provide 2 years. Product warranty is a signal of the confidence shown by the suppliers.

If you buy the headlight bulb with two years warranty then you can set your mind at rest. These manufacturers also provide free technical support, in case you have any questions, you can contact them timely.


Local Law

Though LED headlight bulbs are widely accepted by many countries, there are still some communities that ban the usage of LED car light bulbs. Therefore, it’s better to know the local laws of the communities.


A street-legal led headlight is to be clearly seen on the road at a distance around 50 to 100 meters ahead and should NOT be so bright that it would blind other drivers. In addition, if the headlight bulbs have gained the DOT certification, they are also allowed to be used for on-road driving.


Product Recommend!

NAOEVO H4 LED Headlight S4 Series 3 Color +Flashing Model

best H4 LED bulb


These H4 LED headlight bulbs are made from NAOEVO, a professional LED automotive lighting manufacturer & supplier in China. With quality dual-flip chips, these bulbs produce stable 60W 7200LM brightness, neither too bright to dizzy other drivers nor too dim to see clearly at night. NAOEVO S4 Series LED bulbs combine 3 colors (6500K White, 4300K Warm, 3000K Yellow)+Flashing Mode. Never worry about the bad visibility when driving in adverse weather.

H4 LED bulb white lighting

Yellow light of H4 headlight

yellow of H4 LED bulb


Light Beam Pattern

As we mentioned above, the light beam pattern is an important factor to judge if the LED bulb is street legal or not. NAOEVO H4 LED car light bulb produces standard cut-off line low beam light and focus high beam light so that it won’t blind other driver’s eyes and helps drivers to see at a long distance.

H4 Light Beam-1

H4 light beam-2

H4 light beam-3

Cooling Method

Heat transmission will affect the lifespan of the LED light bulbs. NAOEVO H4 headlights bulbs are equipped with an ultra-slim copper substrate, when the bulbs are working, cooper helps to transfer the heat faster from the chip to the heat sink, then cooperating with a 7500 RPM high-speed mute fan for efficient heat dissipation. Better heat dissipation ensures the bulbs work normally under a high temperature without damaging the headlight assembly. These bulbs have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Easy Installation

Easy installation is a key reason why so many people choose NAOEVO S4 series H4 LED headlight kits, we’ve designed the bulbs to be installed by non-technical people, and ensure you get a 1:1 mini size match with your stock halogen headlights and the super simple plug-n-play installation. Click here to watch the Installation Guide on YouTube

H4 LED Headlight Bulb Installation Guide


1. Open the dust cover, and take out the halogen bulb
2. Take out the H4 headlight bulb, twist the collar out.
3. Put the collar to the right slot.
4. Rotate the bulbs, make sure the chip is toward 3 and 9 o’clock vertically.
(PS: If your country is left-hand driving, rotate the bulbs anticlockwise, and vice versa.)
5. Connect the plug


Buy H4 Light Bulbs From A Quality Manufacturer

NAOEVO is a large automotive lighting manufacturer & supplier in China. Over a decade, NAOEVO company is specialized in manufacturing first-class LED headlight bulbs for customers around the world.


The Capacity Of Mass Production

The factory of NAOEVO has over 200 employees and each of the production lines is equipped with advanced machines (SMT machine, automatic soldering machine) to meet the demand of mass production.

Quality Has Always Been The No.1 Pursuit!

Each bulb from NAOEVO follows a strict quality control and testing. NAOEVO ensures Zero-fault products that ship to the consumers.


After reading this post, we believe that you have a clear understanding of which H4 led headlight bulb you should buy. Never miss the high-quality NAOEVO S4 series H4 LED light bulbs because you and your car deserve the best.

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