How to find the best & brightest LED headlight bulbs in India

With more and more LED bulbs on the Indian market these days, what factors should be considered when you find so many LED brands and types of LED headlight bulbs for cars, trucks, and motorcycles for better visibility and safe driving? You know what specs to look for before you buy a computer, cell phone, and other electronics.


However, what are the key specs for LED headlights? And how to find the best and brightest headlight bulb? These are the most frequently asked questions by customers who shop for LED headlights.


In this blog, we will make the content as easy as possible so that you can verdict the quality of LED headlights. We also hope that these tips will help you to choose the best headlight bulb with excellent brightness output.


Advantages of LED Headlight Bulbs

LED headlights have revolutionized the automobile world since 2007. From an initial installation only in Luxury cars, to now they are available for almost every vehicle brands. LED headlights are quite popular because of their inherent advantages.


1. Energy Efficiency - LED headlights for cars are much more energy-efficient than halogen and other traditional headlight bulbs. LED car bulbs draw less energy from car to produce the maximum brightness which is 2 or 3 times brighter than stock halogen headlight bulbs.


2. Long lifespan - Halogen headlight bulbs can only last for 1,000 hours, while the average lifespan of LED bulbs reaches 30,000 hours. They can even last for the entire lifetime of your car.


3. Improved safety - LED headlight bulbs produce standard headlight beam pattern but brighter light than halogen bulbs. They illuminate the road with wider and more concentrated light so that drivers can see further and broader. Upgrading to LED headlight bulbs will effectively secure your road safety.


5 Specs To Be Consider When Buying LED Car Bulbs


The brightness of the LED headlight bulb depends on the lumen and lux. Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light from a lamp or light source. Lux is a standard unit of measurement of light intensity. In short, Lumens measure how much light you are getting from a bulb. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Lumens let you buy the amount of light you want.

◾Light Beam Pattern

The best light beam pattern will have precise cutoff lines at the top of the beam with a spread that is wide enough to reach the road. There will be clearly defined and focused hot spots that provide quality lighting so that you can see further and broader on the road.

◾Color Temperature

What’s the best LED color for a car headlight? When you are searching for LED headlights, the mainstream and aftermarket LED bulbs are mostly ranging from 6000K to 6500K color temperature. White LED headlights are much easier and cheaper to the manufacturer; Besides, the sunlight is measured as 5800K while 6500K is ranged slightly cooler than 5800K, but both of them are “identical” to our eyes.


Cooler LED bulbs, on the other hand, are much better for illuminating the dark road. For ease of production and better visibility, 6500K LED bulbs are favored by most of the customers and manufacturers


The heat dissipation of the LED headlamp will directly affect its lifespan. LED headlight bulbs made of aluminum material are good for anti-corrosion and heat radiating. The heat dissipation technology used by the manufacturer is generally fans, and copper heat pipe, copper substrate.


Some LED headlights are designed with multiple cooling technologies to achieve efficient heat dissipation. Quality LED headlight bulbs will last for an extremely long lifespan which will save money a lot.

◾Compatibility with your car

The last is also essential. Some bulbs are a better fit for certain models than others. Take a look at the compatibility. At the same time, buying 100% plug-n-play LED headlights will make the super simple installation. In brief, see more buying guides when you choosing LED headlights will benefit you a lot.


The Best & Brightest H7 LED Headlights Where to Buy

The H7 is the most commonly used headlight model for some popular cars in India such as Toyota, Maruti, and Hyundai. With so many H7 headlight brands in the Indian automotive lighting market, sometimes it is daunting to find quality LED bulbs with high power output.

So, if you are looking for H7 LED headlight bulb at a wholesale price from a reliable headlight bulb manufacturer. Here is one of our most recommended brands for LED headlights.


NAOEVO ND H7 LED Headlight Bulb

Unlike the simply traditional low-efficiency aluminum die casting cooling method, these ND LED bulbs combine dual copper heat pipe and a high-speed fan for efficient dissipation. In combination with different cooling options can provide 2 to 3 times higher heat capability and up to 50% lighter cooling module.


ND H7 LED Bulb Review

The H7 LED bulbs from NAOEVO lay claim to the best and brightest LED headlamp in the Indian market. To illustrate better, we will show you some testing on the following aspects.



The visibility of LED bulbs largely depends on the intensity of the light source itself. The intensity is measured in lumens. Lux is a measure of how much luminous flux is spread out over a given area. We measured the Lux created from the housing and bulb combination on a wall 25 feet away. From this distance, we can see how much lumens are truly being utilized.


Original halogen headlight emits 900-1000 lumens and was measured at 340 lux at 25 feet with projector housing. The ND H7 LED headlight bulb delivers 8400 lumens and was measured at 2800 lux at 25 feet inside the projector housing. This translates to nearly 8X brighter than halogen on the main beam, or 723% additional lux to be exact.


Light Beam Pattern

The headlight beam pattern is as important as the brightness, because they decide if your LED bulbs are legal or not. The ND LED bulbs are the perfect representation of a quality headlight beam pattern. They emit precise cutoff lines, great width, light distribution, and stylish color. To better understand what makes a good light beam pattern, we must label certain sections.


The cutoff - This is undoubtedly one of the most important features of a dipped beam headlight. Because a clear cutoff line will stop blinding other traffic. We install ND H7 LED bulb in the projector headlight to test its beam pattern. As you can see, they produce super defined cutoff without any dark spots.


The step - The step is part of the cutoff which enables you to see further on your driving side of the road without blinding the oncoming traffic. Because driving on the left side of the road in India, the cutoff line should be higher on the left.


The hotspot - The last is the hotsopt. This is where the most intensive LED bulb light, and its position have a significant relation to the cutoff line.


The function of the dipped beam is to illuminate the road as far in front of the car as possible without blinding other traffic. People often think that more light in front of the car will have a better vision, but it is actually counterproductive. The closer the light in front of your car, the poorer visibility.


Image that you are attempt to look out your window in the dark from inside your room with lights on. It would be much easier to spot things outside in the dark with lights off. Therefore, for some cars, when the high beam is on, the fog light will turn off in the meantime. For this reason, it is recommended the hotspot of the LED bulb be as close to the cutoff as possible.


Heat Dissipation

Thermal management is the key to a quality, long-lasting LED headlight bulb. As previously mentioned, the combination of various cooling methods can greatly prolong the lifespan of LED headlamps.


ND H7 LED bulb is designed with copper heat pipe to draw the high temperature out of the LED chip and down to the heat sink, and then with the help of the high-speed mute fan and a large area of aluminum heat sink for efficient heat radiation. ND LED headlights to achieve 2 to 3 times higher heat dissipation capability than pure fan-cooling LED bulbs.


ND H7 LED bulb is capable of lasting more than 50,000 hours of operation which is much longer than other Indian LED headlight brands. Durable lights are designed for safety. You don’t want your lights to fail while in use. With ND LED headlamp you can drive in total serenity.


Stylish Design

Another reason why ND LED light becomes a smash hit in the Indian market is its unique design. The heat sink of the ND LED bulbs are Cool Spider Shaped Design. This design facilitates the flow of air which accelerates the heat dissipation efficiency.


The spider design represents the spirit of flourishing creativity, wisdom, and power which also expresses the manufacturer’s blessing to the clients


Moreover, the unique spider design makes your headlamp stand out from the crowd. Just like our eyes are windows into our souls, so your headlights say a lot about your car. Make a smart look with ND headlights, you will get a crisp, white and modern light.


Canbus Ready

ND LED headlights are equipped with a Canbus driver. The purpose is to provide enhanced functionality and flicker-free performance. Canbus-designed ND LED bulb can solve the problems such as flicking, dashboard warnings and is compatible with 99% of vehicle’s computer systems. The built-in intelligent IC and temperature controller ensures the headlamp working at the best state.



NAOEVO is a professional OEM LED headlight bulb manufacturer & supplier in China with 16-year experience in automotive lighting. We are capable of producing a wide range of products such as LED car headlights, motorcycle LED bulbs, LED interior lights and LED light bars.


With the support of an experienced R&D team and strong manufacturing capability, our calling is to provide the highest quality LED bulbs at competitive wholesale prices for dealers and distributors around the world.


Though we are in China, our products such as MAX3, GT6, S4, and ND are hot sellers in India and all have received 5-strat reviews from our customers.


Our Advantages

Factory productivity


In 2006, NAOEVO possesses an in-house manufacturing workshop, with 10,000 square meters, and over 200 skillful workers. We supply more than 2 million kits of LED headlights per year. We maintain finished products with more than 10,000 kits in stock for fast delivery.


We have six production lines and each of them is equipped with advanced machines such as SMT, Automatic Soldering Machines and Glue Dispensing Machines. We introduce optimized production technologies and follow strict process management systems to lower the operating cost and maximum quality, so that our clients can get quality LED bulbs at the most favorable price.



▪ Experienced engineer team

Engineer is the core of the company. NAOEVO has experienced engineer experts who are specialized in specific fields such as optics, mechanics, and quantum electronics. They provide technical support for our clients, and generate lots of ideas and tries which eventually become our products of pride.

▪ Innovative design team

Our product designers are full of creative ideas and can design products that capture the market trend. They also provide the best custom design solutions for our clients.

▪ Professional sales team

The sales team is the core of the company. They provide 24-hours service and professional solutions for the clients.


To meet our clients’ needs, we are continuously developing innovative and high-quality automotive LED lighting so that our agents are able to establish their brand foundation in the market.

The benefits for wholesale distributors

NAOEVO has in-depth knowledge and expertise in product marketing. Our in-house expertise in designing and marketing strategies helps our clients to get a One-Stop solution. NAOEVO distributors will receive the following benefits:


▪ Exclusive market protection

▪ The latest automotive lighting products

▪ Competitive wholesale price and discounts

▪ Complete OEM/ODM service on product and package

▪ Free banners, product catalogs, and demo test box

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