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H7 LED Light Bulb 120W 13000LM 6500K White | NAOEVO MAX3 Series
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H7 LED Light Bulb 120W 13000LM 6500K White | NAOEVO MAX3 Series

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9006 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 7200LM | NAOEVO S3 Series, 2 Bulbs
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9006 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 7200LM | NAOEVO S3 Series - NAOEVO

9006 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 7200LM | NAOEVO S3 Series, 2 Bulbs

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3 Colors H4 LED Headlight Bulb For Rainy Snowy | NAOEVO S4PRO Series, 2 Bulbs
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3 Colors H4 LED Headlight Bulb For Rainy Snowy | NAOEVO S4PRO Series, 2 Bulbs

3 Colors H4 LED Headlight Bulb For Rainy Snowy | NAOEVO S4PRO Series, 2 Bulbs

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H11/9/8 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series, 2 Bulbs
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H11/9/8 Led Headlight Bulbs GT6 Series 10000LM | NAOEVO

H11/9/8 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series, 2 Bulbs

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H4 LED HEADLIGHT BULB 60W 7200LM | Factory Price
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H4 LED HEADLIGHT BULB 60W 7200LM | Factory Price

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H13 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series
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H13 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series - NAOEVO

H13 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series

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H3 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series
H3 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series - NAOEVO

H3 LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10000LM White | NAOEVO GT6 Series

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LED Headlight Bulb Light Beam Pattern - All You Need to Know

LED Headlight Bulb Light Beam Pattern - All You Need to Know

July 26, 2022

Driving at night becomes a daunting task as some drivers may be driving tired, stressed, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But the most significant problem faced by almost every driver at night is the glare light emitted by LED headlight bulbs. A sharp light coming from the opposite direction falls directly on the eyes and easily leading traffic accidents.


For the safety of you and other drivers. It’s crucial to have quality LED headlight bulbs to light your path. However, if they are not correctly aimed at the road, driving at night could bring about a safety threat to others.


There are a few answers about what affect the light beam pattern of LED car light bulbs? how to align the bulbs for perfect light beam patterns? and which headlight bulb manufacturer produces quality LED headlight bulb with excellent light beam patterns?


Keep reading to find out the answers.


1. Five factors affecting the light beam pattern of LED headlight bulbs

2. How to adjust the headlight beam patterns?

3. How to buy LED headlight bulb with perfect light beam patterns?

4. Final words  


5 Factors Affecting The Light Beam Pattern of LED Bulbs


1. Car Headlight Housing

Back in the old days, all cars came with similar headlights, but today, where newer and more technologically advanced vehicles have been introduced, the types of headlights also vary. Even so, there are two main types of headlight assembly which are classified as projector and reflector headlight housing.


Installing LED headlight bulbs in different headlight assemblies will have different performance of light beam patterns.

Projector headlight has a lens that acts as a magnifying glass, increasing the brightness of the light beam pattern. To ensure the light that produced by projector headlight is angled properly, there is also a cutoff shield. This helps to direct the light down towards the road.


Thus, installing LED headlight bulbs in projector headlights, you will get precise cutoff light that effectively aims downward to the road without creating glare to other drivers.

However, reflector headlights produce a wider beam pattern that covers a larger surface area as opposed to projector headlights. There may be a risk of glaring if your bulbs are not aligned correctly. If you do not understand projector vs. reflector headlight, which is better for LED bulbs, you can look to our previous blog.


2. LED Chips


Different LED chips have their own benefits and shortcomings that result from how it is manufactured. Different LED chips lead to different results of light beam patterns. The COB and Flip Chip are most commonly used in the manufacturing of LED headlight bulbs.

COB Chip - COB Chips are considered as the first generation chip for automotive LED headlight bulbs. They are favoured by many customers for their low price and enough brightness. The application of the COB chip is gradually geared towards low-end LED headlight bulbs. COB LED chip produces uniform illumination. However, poor penetration and diffuse light beam patterns.

Flip Chip - The COB chips have gradually given way to Flip Chip. Flip Chip has small lighting points, which contributes to producing bright, concentrated, and intensive light. Thus, those LED headlight bulbs with flip-chip are likely to produce precise cutoff light on low beam and super concentrated light on high beam.


3. The Arrangement of Headlamp Beads


The LED light chip is the core of the car headlights. The LED chip determines not only the light output, but also controls the light beam patterns. Thus, you should pay attention that different arrangements and numbers of LED lamp beads will have different impacts on the light beam patterns.

(NAOEVO GT6 H8/9/11 LED Headlight Bulb)

Flip-chip LED headlight bulbs, for example, the lamp beads are generally arranged in a rectangle shape. In this case, this LED bulb is capable of producing wider light beam pattern.

(GT6 9004 LED Headlight Bulb)

In addition, some lamp beads are arranged in a square shape. This array helps to produce a more focused light beam pattern to see further at night.

(S3 LED Headlight Bulb)

What’s more, for a more distinct cutoff light, headlight bulb manufacturer NAOEVO has designed some of their products like S3, S4 and NA with an additional lamp bead on the LED chip so as to avoid dark spot and glare.


4. LED Spacing

The spacing between each LED should be as close to the width of the original filament as possible. When you have a big bar of metal between the LED, it’s spaced out of focus with no hotspot and glaring at others on the road.


If you care about the light beam patterns, it is advised to avoid Muti-Sided LED headlight bulbs and LED headlight bulb with the thick substrate because these bulbs have a thicker bulb stem and multiple lighting points, which easily lead to an unfocused, scattered light beam pattern.



That is shaped like the original filament. One great example is the NAOEVO S3 LED bulb.


5. LED Headlight Bulb Installation

If you install the LED headlight bulb upside down or in a wrong way up, you will entirely change the headlight beam pattern. If the beams are pointing well below or above the line you’ve drawn, then you likely have your bulbs installed upside down. LED headlight bulbs have light-emitting diodes on opposite sides of the bulb, when you install the bulb, these diodes should be aligned horizontally at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.


How to Adjust LED Bulbs For Perfect Beam Pattern

Installing LED headlight bulbs upside down will make them dangerous as they might produce a scattered light beam which will easily blind other drivers. That’s why LED headlight bulbs have to be positioned correctly according to the different optical designs of the headlights.

For single filament bulbs, the LED chips should always be in a side to side orientation. It means that you should have one side of LED faced at 3 o’clock and the other side faced at 9 o’clock. This will allow a nice and uniform 360° light distribution throughout the housing, creating an even and concentrated light.

For some LED headlight bulbs, you will see there are two diodes on each side, with one slightly above the other. These are called dual-beam headlight bulbs, they combine both low and high beam diodes all in one bulb.

Installing dual-beam headlight bulbs, the slightly higher diode should be on the upper side of the bulb. Besides, you can also find that these bulbs have a shield which helps to make sure the light is correctly directed. The shield should be at the bottom of the bulb.

Most high-quality LED headlight bulbs are equipped with standard mounts that help you install them correctly into the headlight housing. If you are still not clear, then check out our installing guide video.


How to choose Perfect Light Beam Pattern of LED Headlight Bulb

NAOEVO Max3 LED Headlight Bulb

Excellent Light Beam Pattern

Thanks to the proper arrangement of its lamp beads, Max3 LED car light bulb gives you a perfect field of view that is wider and more concentrated.

There are four beads in the middle form a square, which is conducive to producing further and more concentrated light beam patterns. The additional two lamp beads are located at the upper and lower ends, which is owing to wider and more uniform light distribution.

In this case, Max3 LED headlight bulb greatly combines the advantage of square and rectangle chip arrangement. Moreover, the reasonable array of light beads makes Max3 LED bulbs perform well on both projector and reflector headlight housing.

With this Max3 LED headlight bulb, you will have clean cutoff lines at the top of the beam, along with a spread that is wide enough to reach beyond the road. There will also be clearly defined hot spots that give you quality forward lighting so you can see far down the road. This perfect light beam pattern is what prevents oncoming drivers from being blinded by the strong light power.


Improved Brightness

The Max3 LED bulb is considered to have the best light beam pattern on the market which attributes to its quality custom flip-chip and reasonable LED diodes alignment.


Equipped with 6*60 MIL large size flip-chip, Max3 LED headlight bulb is able to produce a high output of 120W, 13000LM, which is four times brighter than a halogen headlight bulb. With 6500K pure white color lighting making night driving a joy.


Effective Heat Dissipation

If the temperature of the LED headlight bulb goes too high, it will seriously affect the performance of the LED car bulbs and even threaten the safety of the vehicle. Max3 LED headlight bulb is equipped with advanced dual-copper heat pipes to dissipate 20 W heat load each time. The 6063 aluminum heat sink and high-speed mute fan help to circulate the heat faster which ensures a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours.


The cooling technology of Max3 LED bulb has been tested in real-life automotive conditions. So you can have confidence in their stated high performance.


Canbus Error Free

Max3 LED headlight bulb comes with an intelligent Canbus driver which fits 98% vehicle’s computer system. The upgraded driver with a built-in intelligent temperature controller ensures the bulbs work at the best status without error or radio interference.


From Reliable Manufacturer - NAOEVO


This Max3 LED headlight bulb is produced by NAOEVO, one of the biggest LED headlight bulb manufacturers in China. With 16-year experience in automotive LED lighting, NAEOVO has been dedicated to manufacturing LED headlight bulbs that produce high brightness and perfect light beam pattern.


Their in-depth knowledge of automotive lighting has made them establish a brand founded in the automotive lighting industry. Now, the NAOEVO brand stands for quality and prospect.


Every component of Max3 LED headlight bulbs are designed to meet the highest standards. Purchasing Max3 LED headlight bulbs from NAOEVO, you will enjoy a preferable wholesale price as well as a 2-year long warranty.


Final Words

Choosing to upgrade and install LED bulb in your headlight housing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. But you should pay attention that the LED bulbs should never be misaligned for your own safety and that of other drivers.


Buy the best LED headlight bulb here, you will get brighter light and a perfect light beam pattern without blinding other drivers.

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