LED Headlight Bulb Manufacturing: Components, Design, and Processing Steps

In the modern day, LED headlight bulbs represent a leap forward in the quality of automotive lighting as they cast a very bright and defined beam of light compared to halogen. Additionally, a big advantage of LED bulbs is their energy efficiency, drawing roughly a third of the power compared to traditional halogens.


With the increasing demand for LED bulb for cars, LED headlight bulb manufacturing industry is booming. As a result, a wide variety of LED headlight bulb products have emerged on the market. And more and more people are exploring or concerned about how manufacturers ensure the quality of LED headlight bulbs in the production process.


Therefore, this article will take you through a quick look at the material and equipment required for LED car light bulb manufacturing, and what the process of LED headlight manufacturing is like. Let’s dive in right now!


Basic Components of LED Headlight Bulb

LED Chip

The core component of LED headlight bulb is a tiny chip with a layer of semiconductor. Currently, there are five main types of LED chips that are used in LED bulbs which are COB, CSP, Cree, ZES, and flip chip. Different LED chips have their own benefits and drawbacks.


Lamp Body

The role of the lamp body is mainly to structure and heat dissipation. At present, most of the LED headlight bulbs on the market are designed with 6063 aluminum, a silvery-white, the lightweight metal which has a great thermal conductivity and high corrosion.


Cooling Fan

The fan is the most effective way for active cooling. There are three classifications of cooling fans: Hydraulic fan, ball bearing fan, and single ball fan.


Internal or External Drivers

The driver is the heart of the LED headlight bulb. The driver contains many electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, temperature control, etc. When the LED headlight bulb starts to work, the driver will heat up to about 80 degrees. It means that the cooling system not only has to handle the heat generated from the chip, but also the heat from the driver. Thus, under the chip, the external driver is more conducive to the overall heat dissipation of the LED bulbs.


LED Substrate

The middle layer of the LED bulb is called the substrate, and this is where the LED chip is embedded. The substrate is used in the middle to quickly guide the heat generated by the lamp beads to the base. Under the same conditions, the thermal capacity of the copper substrate is more than twice than that of the aluminum substrate.


Design of LED headlight bulb

More creativity is needed in the design of LED headlight bulb. Before LED headlight bulb manufacturing, there are some optical properties such as the color temperature, brightness, light beam pattern, and appearance of the LED headlamp should be determined.


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Raw Material of LED Headlight Bulb Manufacturing

◾LED light source
◾Copper substrate
◾Aluminum shell
◾Power supply
◾Connecting wire
◾Circuit board
◾Cooling fan


Equipment For LED Headlight Bulb Manufacturing

LED headlight bulb manufacturing or assembly is a complicated task. In order to produce high-quality LED headlight bulb, manufacturers need to master some basic knowledge and skills about the manufacturing process. Using high-tech machines and equipment will greatly improve production efficiency and the quality of the products.


The major equipment for LED headlight bulbs production are as follows:


◾SMT machine (Surface-Mount Technology)
◾Automatic soldering machine
◾Automatic glue-dispensing machine
◾Integrating sphere
◾High-temperature oven
◾Salt spray test chamber
◾3D printer


Major Steps For LED Headlight Bulb Manufacturing

◾Research and development of the LED bulb
◾Using SMT to place LED chip on the board
◾Checking incoming material
◾Painting thermal grease
◾Assembling LED light source
◾Fixing copper substrate
◾Using auto soldering machine to make the driver
◾Install the driver
◾Welding and installing the fan
◾Inspection for LED headlight bulb
◾Aging testing
◾Clean the bulb
◾Make laser logo


The manufacturing process of LED headlight bulbs involves many steps and details. Thus quality control needs to be set at every steps.


Quality Control in LED Headlight Bulb Manufacturing

In general, products will be tested for quality control before packaging and shipping. With a strict quality control system, NAOEVO makes every LED car light bulb tested multiple times to ensure that they are flawless. LED headlight bulbs will go through a series of examinations before mass production.


The tests on each LED headlight bulb includes the following:


◾Environmental test

Durability is one of the features of quality LED headlight bulbs. As LED headlight bulbs are made, they will be put into the dust chamber and the dripping box to test for dust-proof and water-proof capability. Moreover, these bulbs will be tested at simulated ambient temperatures from -40℃ to +120℃.


◾Light beam pattern test

The light beam pattern determines whether the LED headlight bulb meets the standard of safe driving at night. When LED headlight bulb is designed, manufacturers will use the light beam pattern test system and optical design software to test the light beam pattern of the LED bulb. In the testing room, the light distribution and light shape of LED bulb will be clearly shown on the wall. In this case, manufacturers can improve at output and light beam patterns for safer driving experience.


◾Optical measurement

Besides, LED headlight bulb will be positioned in the sphere and the light given off by the bulb is scattered by the inside of the integrating sphere and evenly distributed 360 all angles. In the integrating sphere, the total lumen amount of a LED headlight bulb could be measured accurately.


◾Installation test

When LED headlight bulb is finished, manufactures should ensure the holder of the LED bulb is consistent with that of the halogen bulb, and can be easily installed in different types of headlight housings.


◾Aging test

The aging test is a critical part of contributing to excellent quality and reducing the failure rate of LED headlight bulb. If there is no aging process, the quality of the LED car light bulb can not be guaranteed, there will be a failure at any time of the initial usage.


As a professional automotive lighting manufacturer, all the LED car light bulbs will have 100% aging test before products are packaged.


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