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You may be attracted by diverse LED headlight bulbs when you’re surfing online for finding car LED lamps replacements. It is not surprising to find that there are many LED Bulbs on the market occur the issues that are either too dim to see clearly at night or the heat dissipation is of poor quality or having the decoding problem. As a LED headlight bulb supplier, NAOEVO has been dedicated to producing high-quality LED headlight bulbs for 15 years.


Given all these problems, we are likely to introduce our latest technology of LED upgrade to date:Max 3 LEDs, when these bulbs were released, they turned a few heads with triple heat dissipation, super high brightness and its high-end Canbus design. Now, let’s see how does Max3 stand out from the crowd.


Triple Heat Dissipation:

Our Max3 LED Bulb adopts Triple Heat Dissipation including Dual copper heat pipe + 8500RMP high-speed mute fan + 1.5MM double-sided copper and a large area of aluminum heat sink. It is acknowledged that copper is a kind of special cooling component with a high conduct value. Equipped with a dual copper heat pipe, a double-sided copper and aircraft-grade aluminum for its body, Max 3 Bulbs will improve cooling efficiency by 30%. Thanks to the dual copper heat pipe and double-sided copper substrate, they will quickly guide the heat from the chips to the aluminum, and then cooperate with the high-speed mute fan (about 8500 RPM) to transmit the heat quickly. The intelligent control driver also helps to keep the bulb under normal working temperature. Better heat dissipation, longer lifespan. Optimal performance with efficient heat dissipation system, NAOEVO Max3 LED Bulb at the forefront of LED technology.


Superior Brightness:

NAOEVO Max3’s excellent dual copper heat pipe contributes to conducting a high power of 60W, 6500LM. Brightness increased greatly because of the chip technology. Equipped with 6*60 MIL large size flip chips, NAOEVO Max3 gives your car lights a higher brightness than your original halogen and even the most bulbs on the market. Max3 LED Bulb is produced by the best Chinese led bulb factory, offering the brightest performance and a unique design for a superior driving experience.



Canbus Design:

There are some LED bulbs on the market that do not produce the wattage the vehicle expects. To solve this problem, thanks to the high power, the upgraded Canbus design makes these headlight bulbs compatible with 99% of vehicles with no error, no hyper-flash, no radio interference. NAOEVO Max3, the best brand of car led light bulbs make your vehicles smart and wise.



Perfect Light Beam Pattern:

The accurate light beam pattern makes you see and be seen more clearly at night driving. Thanks to the standard optical design of NAOEVO Max3 LED, these bulbs provide a perfect 45° cut-off line for low beam and super focus for high beam. You can also rotate the light beam pattern with a 360°retainer. Drive with Max3 Bulb, not only will you be able to spot people faster and drive with more confidence but also avoid blinding the oncoming traffic.




Founded in 2006, with an experience of 15 years in producing the best quality headlight, NAOEVO, a LED car bulb lighting manufacturer has been in the lead of the led headlight wholesale market in China, working with thousands of distributors around the globe.


We are confident that Max3 LED light will make you shine brighter, so why not give it a shot today?

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