Automotive Lighting Manufacturer - How to Make Quality LED Car Bulbs

April 8, 2022

Buying high-quality LED headlight bulbs from a reliable supplier & manufacturer is crucial for laying the foundation for future brand building in the automotive lighting market and growing your business. A strong headlight bulb manufacturer is not only capable of providing high-end products, but the first-class after-sale service, and some exclusive benefits for their distributors.


When choosing a headlight bulb supplier, product quality should be the first consideration. But, how could you identify the high quality or poor quality products? Buy a headlight bulb sample directly from the supplier? Or browse the customer reviews on the Internet? It could be a waste of time to do that and can not get the real situation of the products.


Never mind! Here in this blog, you’ll see the manufacturing process of first-rate LED headlight bulbs from NAOEVO company - a professional automotive lighting manufacturer in China. It would help the clients to take an overall review of the product quality.


NAOEVO Factory Tour: Quality headlight bulb making procedures

LED headlight bulb production is based on the principles of driving safety and long durability. NAOEVO is prudent in their business, though they’ve been active in LED automotive lighting market for 15 years, they still insist on strict production procedures as always and are recognized by lots of clients at home and abroad.


LED headlight bulbs are mainly made of LED chip, circuit board, fan, heat sink, aluminum piece, driver and power wire. Making high-performance LED car light bulbs should be scrupulous in every step.

1. Research and Development


All aspects of a product’s design need consideration and a good design process accounts for everything. We think what our customers think and satisfy what our customers want. Before we make a product, we will ask for some suggestions from our customers and make complete market research.


If the LED bulbs meet the requirements of consumers. We will come in designing, testing and producing. If they don’t pass the test, we will send them back to re-design, re-develop and re-testing. We need to ensure the bulbs have a high performance in every aspect before we start mass production.


Testing Equipment

• Integrating Sphere: We used to measure the lumen and the flux of the LED bulb accurately.

•High-temperature Oven: LED bulbs will be put in the oven for durability testing. The temperature in the oven will be 3-4 times higher than the LED bulbs in daily use.

• Light Beam Pattern Test System: We have a dark room with 180 degrees of measurable space. The light spread and the lux on the wall can be clearly seen so that we can make a further improvement for the bulbs.


2. SMT machine


We used the SMT machine to place surface-mount devices onto a printed circuit board of LED headlight bulb, and place the LED chips on the base board. This SMT machine achieves high precision placing of electronic components and high efficiency. Superior LED headlight bulbs come from the perfection of every component.


3. Light Source Detection

(We test and check the LED chips with Regulated DC Power Supply to ensure the output remains constant even if the input changes)


Detecting the light source is the first step in LED headlight production. In the beginning, a thorough detection will take on the appearance of the substrate and the chips to check whether they are damaged or scratched or not.


Then, connect the positive and negative poles of the substrate, and put it under the light filter to test whether the LED chips are working properly and the brightness is consistent. Light source detection in the brightness of LED car light bulbs, bringing them to standard in high-volume production for quality assurance.


4. Applying Silicone Grease

(We apply silicone grease on the copper substrate for stable quality)


Silicone grease is made of silicone oil based together with inert fillers thickened with a lithium soap. Silicone greases are excellent in waterproof, solvent resistance and corrosion resistance. They have excellent fluidity at low temperatures and exhibit low volatility and good thermal stability at high temperatures.

We apply silicone grease on the copper substrate of LED bulbs so that they can attach to the aluminum body tightly and firmly.


5. Light Source Assembly

After the above two steps, we get the basic component of the LED bulb. Here, we need to install them into the LED’s aluminum part. Our QR team will select the best aluminum material for installation and each assembly step follow strict production procedures. Quality always matters, customers’ satisfaction is always our driving force to go forward.


6. Installing the rivets


Next comes the step to install the rivets, we install the rivets with rivet guns on the headlight bulb’s body, which can make the bulb firmly as well as increase the working efficiency. We take care of every move to protect the LED chips from scratch. With the help of rivets and silicone grease, our bulbs can highly resist vibration, water and high temperature.


7. Automatic Soldering Machine


The driver plays an important role in LED headlight bulbs. Quality drivers make the LED light bulbs illuminate better. NAOEVO company adopts automatic production machines to meet the demands of mass production.


This automatic soldering machine uses the robot’s movement function to achieve the soldering process by melting the tin, which can reach the result of rapidity and stability. By using this machine, some electronic parts in the driver can be attached by soldering which is more solid and more reliable than artificial tin-coating. In this case, the poor quality of LED headlight bulbs caused by false welding has been greatly avoided.


8. Installing the Circuit Board

When LED circuit boards were finished by the soldering machine, our worker will put it in the bottom of LED headlight bulbs. The driver circuit board should be placed in the right position. Now, they are ready to be welded on power cords and fan.


9. Welding the Power Cord

From the above picture, the worker is soldering the power cable to the driver circuit board.


10. Welding the Fan


The fan inside the bulb plays an important role in product quality. A good fan is contributed to an efficient cooling system so that the LED light bulbs can stay longer.


LED headlight bulbs from NAOEVO are all equipped with a quality high-speed mute fan. Some of our LED headlight bulbs are even equipped with copper heat pipes for faster heat transmission. Customers who bought LED light bulbs at NAOEVO, without exception, appreciate the durability of the products.


11. Inspection for LED bulbs


In this step, the major parts of the LED car light bulbs have been assembled. Before they enter into the next process, all the LED headlight bulbs would be tested to see if the LED chips are able to emit light normally, and whether the fan can operate quickly. If there’s a mistake in LED light bulb, we will send it back and test all the components from inside to outside. “ZERO” defect is our persistent pursuit of the goal!


12. Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

Here in this step, all the LED headlight bulbs will be placed on the glue filling fixture, and this machine will inject the glue into LED drivers to fix the cable wire and fan. In this process, the glue applied to the driver is good for water-resistant, making the bulbs work stably and have better dissipation.


The automatic glue dispensing machine drips and applies fluid to the product to achieve accurate positioning, there’s no drawing, no leaking, no dripping. Thus, better quality than manual operation.


13. Fan Installation


Here, the fan will be installed at the bottom of the bulbs, and then the aluminum heat sink will cover the fan with some screws.


14. Aging Testing


Aging testing is a crucial part contributing to excellent quality and reducing the failure rate of LED headlight bulb products. In this stage, each product will be strictly tested for 72 hours without interruption to ensure that the LED headlamp can be used normally.


15. Clean the headlight bulb


Much attention should be paid to when cleaning the car light bulb, LED chips should be protected from scratching.


16. Installing the Holder


After cleaning the headlight bulbs, we will install the original design chuck with a sealing ring into the bulb, we ensure the chuck is as standard as the stock headlight bulb and make it easier to install in the headlight housing.


17. Make Laser Logo


Here we get a semi-finished light bulb, we will print our logo on LED light bulbs with the laser printer. As one of the largest LED headlight bulb manufacturers in China, NAOEVO also offers a free logo customized service. We aim to satisfy all the demands of our customers.


18. Packaging


LED light bulbs that passed the testing will be packed in the box. Instruction book and product certification are all included in the package.



Guaranteed Quality

We believe that quality can not be inspected into a product, it must be built into it. All the headlight bulb production processes implement a strict quality management system. From raw material to finished products, we carry out 4 stage inspections:

☑Raw material inspection
☑Semi-finished inspection
☑Finished-product aging inspection
☑Full inspection before leaving the warehouse


We introduced an advanced machine with skillful workers to ensure “ZERO” defective rate.


Advanced Equipment


NAOEVO has a wide laboratory and professional equipment. Such as SMT machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic glue dispensing machine, high temperature oven, integrating sphere, and 25-meter car lighting test lab. They are all beneficial to lower costs, higher quality and larger-scale production needs.




Our factory is located in Baiyun district, with 10,000 square meters, 200 skillful workers, and 20 experienced engineers. We supply more than 2 million kits LED headlight per year. We maintain finished-products more than 100,000 kits in stock for fast delivery.




 Customized Solution



We have experienced and knowledgeable design team which can provide a customized service that matches your demands and budget as well as offering excellent LED headlight bulbs with long warranty and short delivery time. 


 Exclusive Market Protection



We insist the principle that “One area, one distributor”. We help you to dominate the market in your area first, provide you enough support to grow your business. We sincerely welcome new distributor to join our worldwide distribution network and let us help you to success.


Long-term Development


NAOEVO focus on long-term development, we have our own R&D team in LED chips, product design, and high illumination. Being not only the supplier, but the partner of customers.


NAOEVO catches up with the fast-changing markets and try our best to think what our customers think, solve for customers’ needs, help customers to grow, and finally realize win-win development with customers.

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