NAOEVO Automotive Lighting Manufacturer: The New NR LED Headlight Bulb is Out Now!

In 2021, NAOEVO launched some fantastic automotive lighting products, including S4, GT6, Max3, ND, NA, etc. All these products have gained lots of positive reviews in the market, which makes customers more excited to see what the upcoming LED headlight bulb of 2022 will be.


At the top of everyone’s wish list is a high brightness LED headlight bulb with a small lamp body and unique design. To solve the problem, in July 2022, NAOEVO launched one of the few high-brightness, and mini-designed LED car bulb on the market - NR series LED headlight bulb. The announcement of the NR LED headlight bulb immediately attracted the attention of many customers, especially for its distinctive Rocket Design.


Let’s see what barges NR LED headlight bulb to the forefront in the field of automotive LED lighting!


Unique Rocket Bulb, Say No to The Dull

Are you getting tired of the twins-like LED headlight bulbs on the market? NAOEVO aims to produce the most stylish LED headlight bulbs that make you stand out from the crowd!


In recent years, the successful launch of the rocket ushered in a new hope for people around the world. After the finish of ignition, the rocket rises sheer from the spaceport, along with splendid flame, soaring straight up into the sky.


Inspired by the spectacle scene of a rocket launch, our Mr Rocket - NR LED headlight bulb comes out to the world! The letter “R” represents the word “ROCKET”, as the lamp body of NR is designed with a rocket that is about to fly to the moon.


Rocket has a strong thrust to be able to reach outer space, which stands for strong explosive force. NR LED bulb is granted this tremendous power in its mini body. It creates unparalleled brightness and illuminates the dark road instantly. It also indicates that before displaying the capabilities of your business, NR LED headlight bulb is the right friend to thrive your business and achieve your dreams.


The rocket soared into space at phenomenal speed. NR LED headlight bulb is given a special mission to keep you ahead in the market and boost your business to peak at a ROCKET SPEED!


Dark Road No More

Visibility is a key proponent to pilot your vehicle. You will be surprised by the brightness only when you have NR LED headlight bulb in your hand. How does such a mini LED car bulb produce super bright light as high-power LED headlight bulbs in the market are commonly designed with a big lamp body.


NAOEVO has made this need from vision to reality, which vividly reflected in the NR LED headlight bulbs.


The NR LED headlight bulb utilizes 6 pcs 55 MIL custom flip chip technology to deliver a high power of 55W 6600LM per bulb, which is 300% brighter than halogen bulbs, leaving you flabbergasted with the unparalleled lighting performance it can deliver.


The NR LED headlight bulb oozes out a cool white 6500K color temperature. You will obviously love to have a white light for a clear view rather than getting irritated by light with a yellow tinge.


Not only do the 55 MIL large-size flip chips have more lumen density than COB and CREE, but there’s more to do it. NAOEVO has optimized the position of the lamp beads and designed the bulb with a 360 degrees adjustable mounting collar so that once locked into the headlight housing. They deliver the most useful and safe beam pattern without producing extra glare to oncoming traffic.


Brighter Light, Safer Drive


NR LED headlight bulb has significantly been upgraded in terms of the light beam pattern. Some regular LED headlight bulbs on the market tend to sacrifice their safe light beam pattern for the high brightness gimmick.


Unlike others, NR LED headlight bulb meets the standards set forth to have a well-focused and accurate hotspot while not producing dangerous glare for other drivers.


With a proprietary chip arrangement from NAOEVO, you will be surprised to see that NR LED headlight bulb has clear cut-off lines at the top of the beam, along with a spread that is wide enough to reach beyond the road. There will also be precise defined hot spots that give you quality forward lighting so you can see far down the road.


Better Cooling, Longer Life

The heat dissipation is a major weakness of high-power LED headlight bulbs. Performance aside, NR LED are the last headlight bulbs you’ll ever need! After many tests and simulations, NR LED headlight bulb came up with a bigger 4mm*51mm copper heat pipe which helps to transfer 20W of heat at a time, absolutely 2 times faster than other normal LED headlight bulbs on the market.


Since maintaining a low operating temperature is key to the LED bulb lifespan, NAOEVO has paired the bulb with an 8500RPM high-speed mute fan to actively cool the heat sink as well.


Constructed using the 6063 aircraft-grade aluminum body and heat sink, the NR LED headlight bulb is built to stand the test of time and helps the system to run for a long time by keeping the heat under control.


Thanks to its upgraded heat management systems, NR LED headlight bulbs are capable of lasting for over 50,000 hours. With most cars replaced or upgraded within that time, your stylish NR LED headlight bulb should last you the entire lifetime of your car.


Size Matters

We challenge you to find an alternative LED headlight bulb that produces the same amount of output with the same mini bulb size that the NR LED headlight bulb has.


The NR LED headlight kit is nothing like those big bulbs, It uses a high-speed mini fan to transfer the heat to the heat sink fins. This design helps to transfer the heat better while still maintaining a small bulb size like a halogen bulb.


In this case, NR LED headlight bulb took a balanced approach between maximizing output and mini bulb size so that they will fit in every application.


After many tests, we’ve yet to find a housing it can’t manage to fit inside of and never seen one that required any cutting or otherwise modifying. The NR LED headlight bulb simply plugs in where the old bulb comes out, truly super easy plug-n-play.


Canbus Error Free

The most common problem encountered by drivers when upgrading from a halogen to a more stylish and powerful LED headlight bulb, isn’t lack of choice. However, the Canbus problem.


NR LED headlight bulb produces an output of 55W, which is the same amount of energy as your original halogen headlight bulb. Besides, NR LED headlight bulb is equipped with an intelligent Canbus Driver which will perceive the current draw as being within the expected range, and so doesn’t trigger any error message.


In addition, NR LED headlight bulb is built with an intelligent temperature control system, ensuring lamps work at the best status without error or flickering.


Your #1 Choice of Car Headlight Bulb

With 16 years of experience in manufacturing automotive lighting, NAOEVO has become one of the largest LED headlight bulb manufacturers in China.


The NR LED headlight bulb has been carefully researched and developed to ensure it meets the needs of our customers. We spent countless hours continuously designing and improving the manufacturing process due to real customer feedback. Now we can proudly say our NR LED headlight bulb provides everything you could ask for and addresses the most issues.



NAOEVO is a distinguished and highly experienced OEM automotive lighting manufacturer in China. We have always been committed to producing high-quality and innovative LED headlight bulbs at the most reasonable prices with the help of our in-house factory support.


With 16 years of experience in the automotive lighting industry, we have great success under brands such as NAOEVO, NAO, MOTOLED, iLight and 5D. Till now, we have over 40 distributors around the world, and our products are well sold in the USA, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


NAOEVO has become the first LED headlight bulb manufacturer & supplier for distributor around the world. Become a distributors of NAOEVO. We helped you to boost your business.

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