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H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series
57% off
H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

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$25.99 USD
Regular price
$59.99 USD
H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series
57% off
H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

Sale price
$25.99 USD
Regular price
$59.99 USD
H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series, 2 Bulbs
28% off
H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series - NAOEVO

H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series, 2 Bulbs

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$129.99 USD
Regular price
$179.99 USD
H7 LED Light Bulb 120W 13000LM 6500K White | NAOEVO MAX3 Series
Super Bright H7 LED Light Bulb 13000LM 6500K Easy Plug and Play - NAOEVO

H7 LED Light Bulb 120W 13000LM 6500K White | NAOEVO MAX3 Series

$129.99 USD
H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm
21% off
H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm - NAOEVO

H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm

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$79.99 USD
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$99.99 USD
H7 LED Headlight Bulb 140W 16800LM 6500K White | NAOEVO ND Series
32% off
Brightest H7 LED Headlight Bulb 140W 16800LM White | PROJECTOR HOUSING - NAOEVO

H7 LED Headlight Bulb 140W 16800LM 6500K White | NAOEVO ND Series

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$109.99 USD
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$159.99 USD
180W 21600LM H7 LED Bulbs | NAOEVO NL Series, 2 Bulbs
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180W 21600LM H7 LED Bulbs | NAOEVO NL Series, 2 Bulbs

180W 21600LM H7 LED Bulbs | NAOEVO NL Series, 2 Bulbs

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$139.99 USD
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$189.99 USD

NAOEVO Headlight Bulb Supplier: Start Alibaba Livestream During March Expo Sale

On 28th March, we have Alibaba Livestream from 4:00-5:30 pm.


Preparations for the Livestream

selected the products to be introduced during the live broadcast and the demo box, adjusted the studio lighting setup, prepared the phones and tested the sounds and network signal, live broadcast assistant: controlling the live broadcasts and answering the questions from customers.

In this livestream, Cyanine and Emily were the live hosts. They have introduced the advantages of
ND, NP, S4, GT6, and S3 LED headlight bulbs. During the live show, many visitors entered the broadcast room to watch the show and left messages. Thank you again for your support. Now, let’s make a brief summary of the products introduced on the live show.


1. ND LED headlight bulbs: the brightest bulb

We are proud ourselves to provide the best, and brightest ND LED headlight bulbs for you! There is many ultra-bright LED headlight bulb on the market, as you can see, but most of them are not legal for road driving. Our ND LED headlights have passed the DOT certificate to meet the road regulation.


Excellent Features

• High power

70W 8400LM per bulb, 6*60MIL large size flip-chip, maximal brightness.


• Standard light beam pattern

perfect and distinct cutoff light without any dark area.


• Efficient heat dissipation

Dual heat pipes, an intelligent temperature control driver, and a high-speed mute fan ensure an excellent cooling system.


• Modern design

the aluminum heat sink of the ND LED headlight bulb is shaped like a “Spider,” making the bulbs stand out from the crowd.


• Adjustable beam pattern

ND LED headlight bulbs to come with a 360 degrees holder; users can rotate the holder to adjust the beam patterns.


• Canbus ready

ND LED headlight bulbs carried by a Canbus driver fit 98% of vehicles, error-free, with no flashing, no radio interference.


• Customize service

NAOEVO provides customize services such as laser logo, and customized packages are all available.


2. NP LED Headlight Bulbs: Easy Installation

NP LED headlight bulbs have been upgraded a lot from NP LED bulbs, especially in the brightness. Equipped with 3 pics 75*72MIL quality flip-chip, NP LED headlight bulbs can reach a truly 50W 6000Lumens brightness. They are bright enough to see further and wider on the dark road.
The LED beams of NP are in the same position as halogen headlight bulbs. They are produced the standard light beam pattern as halogen bulbs without dazzling other drivers.



• Improved brightness

With 3 pics 75*72MIL, NP LED headlight bulbs produce an output of 50W 6000Lumens, absolutely bright enough to see the obstacles clearly at night and avoid a potential accident.


• Beam patterns

The light beam patterns of NP LED car bulbs are claimed to be perfect. They produce clear, wide, and focused light beam patterns without any dark spots.


• Short size

NP LED bulbs have a short size, the lighting position is at the same position as halogen bulbs. The size of the LED chips is the same as halogen filament while the brightness is increased.


• Long lifespan

The NP LED headlight bulb is engineered with a better heat dissipation to support its high brightness. Along with an ultra-slim copper substrate, a single copper heat pipe, and an 8500RPM high-speed mute fan, the cooling system of NP LED headlamps is much more efficient than that of most LED lamps on the market. Thus, they have a lifespan of over 30,000 hours.


• Special Diamond Design

The aluminum cover of NP LED headlamps is a diamond design. Getting these NP LED headlights will keep the dark road lit just like a shining diamond.


• Adjustable beam patterns

 The rotatable holder makes perfect beam patterns possible, unlike some LED bulbs on the market that come with an uncontrollable holder. NP LED headlight bulbs allow users to adjust the beam patterns to avoid glare light.


• Compatibility

These NP LED headlamps to come with an external Canbus driver. So, you don’t have to worry about decoding problems anymore. The Canbus driver primely imitates the electric current as a stock headlight bulb and helps increase the current safely without damaging the bulb. NP LED headlights are able to fit 98% of vehicles.


3. S4 LED headlight bulbs

This very rare LED headlamp comes in 3 colors and flashing modes on the market. NAOEVO makes it possible and makes the bulbs extreme excellent. The bulbs are designed as small as possible so that installation is never a problem. Our products have their unique design, and so does this S4 LED headlight bulb. These bulbs have a high performance no matter driving on a rainy, foggy, or snowy day. Never underestimate these S4 LED headlamps. They are small but deliver a high brightness. 



• Excellent 3 colors + flashing mode

Being one of the most special LED headlight options on the market, these S4 LED car light bulbs to allow off 3 lighting colors controllable (6500K white/ 4300K warm white/ 3000K yellow) and flashing mode. The 6500K cool white lights offer clear vision at night, and the 4300K warm white and 3000K yellow lights have a strong penetrating force, offering clear visibility on rainy, foggy, or snowy days. With the NAOEVO S4 LED headlight, you can drive safely!


• Brighter and more efficient

With a power of only 60W, these NAOEVO S4 LED headlight bulbs use the high-quality flip chip to create a tri-color light with 7200LM per pair, which is 4 times brighter than the halogen headlight bulbs. With less heat wasted, these S4 LED bulbs are able to transfer about 80% of the energy into light, which means that they are more energy-efficient and fuel-saving.


• Clear light beam pattern

These brand-new S4 LED headlight kits show a perfect cutting line and high brightness. We designed the bulbs with a 1.0MM double-sided copper PCB board, which is close to the filament thickness inside a halogen bulb.


• Mini design

The size of S4 LED headlight bulbs is as small as your car keys, so they are super easy to install and leave enough space for better heat dissipation.


• Error Free

S4 LED headlight bulbs to carry with a Canbus driver for anti-flicker and error-proof circuit, and the a driver can solve the problems of electronic interference and offers high-speed network communication.


4. GT6 LED headlight bulbs

The most outstanding feature of GT6 LED headlights is that they are compatible with 12V and 24V vehicles. The heat dissipation has also improved a lot. Equipped with a single heat pipe, an ultra-slim copper PCB, and a high-speed mute fan. GT6 LED headlight bulbs can hold up a high power of 90W 10,000LM. The large size of flip chips highly helps to increase their brightness.



• 12V and 24V compatible

Here is the most outstanding feature of GT6 LED headlight bulbs. They are compatible with 12V cars and 24V trucks. No worry about the bulbs will burn out or damaging your headlight housing. They can protect your vehicles greatly.


• Super bright

Along with 3 pics 77MIL large size flip-chip, GT6 LED headlight bulbs are capable of producing 90W 10,000LM and 6500K of white light to toss down the road, 300% brighter than halogen headlights.


• Clear and distinctive hotspot

GT6 LED bulbs are designed with safe-beam technology, which means that you will see a perfect cutoff line on low beams and strong, focused light on high beams. Never worry about other drivers who will be angry with you, cause GT6 won’t cause any glare.


• Durability

In terms of cooling, GT6 LED headlight bulbs to come with a high thermal conductivity single heat pipe and 1.5 MM double-sized copper substrate to keep the light bulb at an appropriate working temperature. GT6 LED headlamps are estimated to have an operating life of over 50,000 hours with efficient heat dissipation. Besides, the GT6 LED bulbs have passed waterproof testing, frozen testing, and high-temperature testing to ensure high performance in all weather conditions.


• Super easy installation

GT6 LED car light bulbs to have a short size. In addition, the holder of GT6 is as thin as halogen. They can easily be installed in the headlight housing, and the dust cover can also be closed.


5. S3 Series LED headlight bulbs

Compared with the above LED headlights we have introduced, these S3 LED headlights can be classified as low-power LED headlights. S3 LED headlights offer bright and consistent lighting with 60W 7200LM power. S3 LED bulbs are mini pocket designs. They have the same size and lighting position as factory halogen headlight bulbs. If you are looking for an easy plug-n-play headlight bulb, S3 LED bulbs are the best choice!



• All in one design, simple installation

S3 LED bulbs can be described as mini designs. Equipped with an internal driver, they are super compact and do not need extra modifications to install. You need to take down the halogen bulbs and plug in these S3 headlights.


• Standard Light beam pattern as halogen

We can see that S3 LED headlight kits come with a 1.00 mm ultra-slim copper substrate. The space between two beads is as thin as halogen filament. The lighting perfectly mimics your factory bulbs. The light beam pattern is as standard as halogen while the brightness has increased.


• Efficient heat dissipation

With ultra-slim copper substrate, S3 LED headlights can guide the heat faster, and then cooperate with a high-speed mute fan, S3 LED bulbs to achieve a better cooling for a long lifespan of over 30,000 hours.


• Bullet design

The body of S3 LED headlight kits are shaped like a “bullet”. Anyone who drives with S3 LED headlight bulbs will be powerful and brave.


LED headlight bulbs testing

In order to show a true and clear output of LED headlight bulbs, Cyanine and Emily decided to test the bulbs on the demo testing box. We can see that the power of LED headlights runs smoothly and steadily.

Cyanine and Emily were really professionals in LED headlight bulb testing and installation. They explained every detail carefully. With their professional and vivid introduction, we NAOEVO have finally won the No.1 in the live show of auto lighting system category of car lights. The number of views, the number of likes, and the number of inquiries were all in the top position.

Why Choose NAOEVO?

For over a decade, we NAOEVO are committed to producing first-class LED headlight bulbs for our customers around the world and helping them succeed. We are a professional LED headlight bulb supplier in China, with 6 production lines, over 200 skillful workers, and 10 experienced engineer teams. We have applied for patents in product design, LED chips, and light beam patterns.


Our products are mainly exported to USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. Most of our partners have successfully built their brand foundation and grown the business. All of our LED car light bulbs have passed DOT, CE, E-Mark, and RoHs.


Customized Service

• Laser Carved Logo

We can laser-carved logo on the headlight bulb body or the driver. (Min Order: 100 Pieces)


• Customized Package

We have experienced designers. We provide you with colorful, aesthetically pleasing package design at the most budget price. (Mini. Order: 1,000 Pieces)


• Product Customization

We design the headlamps to meet your requirements. We can make unique headlight models for you, such as light color, power, chip, and appearance.


NAOEVO distributors/dealers will receive the following exclusive benefits:

• One area, one distributor: a country can only have one distributor.
• Latest and innovative automotive LED car lighting product.
• Competitive wholesale pricing and discounts.
• Free shipping on order.
• Being displayed on the official dealer map on NAOEVO.com.
• Free marketing support: free banners, display shelf, headlight bulb test demo case, catalogs, local social media promotion.

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