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December 17, 2021


Nowadays, LED Headlight Bulbs have been widely used in most vehicles, the brightness of an LED bulb is one of the important factors that you concern about when picking a car headlight replacement. However, more and more universally LEDs choose to sacrifice brightness and heat dissipation in order to achieve small-sized LEDs. You must be eager to know is there any ideal car LED Headlight Bulb that combines high luminous brightness with efficient heat dissipation as well as a small-sized design?


Given all these problems, S3 LED Headlight Kit comes to the world! Equipped with a high number of 30w, 3600LM, S3 LED Bulb provides you 300% brighter than halogen. You may want to know, the heat comes from the chips, so how to achieve efficient heat dissipation at such a high temperature? Our best led headlight kits S3 will tell you! In addition, S3 LED Headlight Bulb got a compact design, compared to NAO C6, making the bulbs easily installed in most vehicles without issues.


What makes S3 Bulbs different?

High Brightness

NAOEVO is a LED headlight manufacturer that produces LED to meet the needs of customers. Some original halogens are too dim to see clearly at night, some LED brands are so big that can not easily install in projector housing. Equipped with 3pcs 60MIL flip chip, the mini-sized bulbs S3 offers a high number of 30W, 3600LM per bulb, impressive brighter compared to original halogens easily light up your way home. Definitely a smart choice!



Better Beam Pattern

The development part of new S3 in its beam pattern has advanced into a higher level. The lighting pattern is almost the same position as halogen bulbs while the output is brighter. With a 360° rotatable retainer to adjust the beam pattern and perfect 45°cutoff line on low beam and super focus light on high beam, NAOEVO has tested dozens of times on S3 that has no dark spots for best visibility.


Compact design

With an all-in-one design, S3 LED Bulb is almost the same size as halogen, all designs are following the original bulbs assembly, directly plug and play use, no need for an exterior driver, easier installation within 10 minutes.



Longer lifespan

Taking on 7500RPM high-speed silent fan with 1.0MM double-sided copper, S3 LED Automotive Bulb rapidly guides the heat from the chips and effectively dissipates it with the high-speed mute fan, significantly enhancing its longevity to 30,000 hours. S3 headlight bulb provides a stronger cooling system, longer lifespan than halogen.



Stylish and Modern Look

The body of S3 car bulb is inspired by the shape of the bullet. These bulbs highly provide you with a unique look for your car. The bullet design stands for “be bold, be safe, be bright”. As one of the best LED headlight bulb suppliers, NAOEVO hopes that S3 bulb provides you with a brighter life, safety drive and courage in the face of difficulties.



NAOEVO, a LED light factory, has been a leader in the field of the LED headlight bulb industry for 15 years, trusted by thousands of distributors around the world to provide high-quality products and competitive prices. It is our constant pursuit of quality and state-of-art technology that achieves S4. The brand of NAOEVO stands for high standards and responsibility. Try with S4, we are confident that it won’t let you down!

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