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With the development of LED technology, LED Headlight Bulbs have been widely used in most vehicles. In the meanwhile, LED Headlight is accompanied by lots of problems such as the sharp brightness that potentially cause harsh glare to other drivers, poor heat dissipation system or error code problems. Product quality has always been our primary focus, which is why we NAOEVO, the best led headlight bulb supplier, has been able to gain a foothold in the market.


Integrate the above problems. NAOEVO’s latest LED Headlight Bulb---GT6 is here!


Top of the quality NAOEVO GT6 LED Bulbs that put out on an amazing 6500K color temperature with a high number of 45W 5000LM brightness that is absolutely perfect for modern look and visibility. Equipped with a single copper heat pipe, GT6 has the ability to derive the heat efficiently. Don’t risk your and your passenger’s safety trying to drive on dimly lit road with dull halogen headlight bulbs. Let’s dig into how GT6 makes it possible!


High Brightness:

In order to attract distributors, it is common to find that some LED factories provide super bright light that will easily dizzy oncoming traffic. Double-sided flip chip, 77MIL*3 large automotive chips with 45W, 5000lumens per bulb, 6500K cool white light and a unique appearance. Our GT6 Headlight Bulbs are 300% brighter than your original halogen bulb to light up your way home. NAOEVO GT6, the best car led bulb brand beyond doubt, provides you with bright but not blind light.



Efficient Heat Dissipation:

Traditionally, some competitors use bulky cooling system at the back for LEDs, which is thermally low efficient and structurally heavy. Equipped with a single copper heat pipe and thermistor cooling technology---an intelligent temperature controller, GT6 LED can drastically improve heat dissipation capability and protect the LED bulbs less than 1% defective rate. In this case, GT6 headlamp with a single copper heat pipe and thermistor cooling system can ensure a long lifespan of more than 30,000 hours, preventing any lighting breakdown when you driving on the dark road.


Perfect Light Pattern:

GT6 offers a standard beam pattern with a perfect 45°cut-off for low beam and super focused light pattern when it turns to high beam. With a 360°adjustable beam pattern for different vehicles, GT6 delivers a wider angle and further illumination range with no dark spots, no glare oncoming traffic, making sure that you can foresee the danger on the dim road.




One of the remarkable advantages of GT6 is that the operating voltage of 12v and 24v are compatible for wider usability, such as car, truck and bus. Well-equipped with decoders, GT6 can be effectively solved error code problems, radio interference and flickering, avoiding incompatibility that happened in your car.




Having GT6 means that installation is a breeze. Some LED bulb competitors try to avoid the entire adapter matters by suggesting you modify your bulb adapter to be installed in your light housing properly. While modifying the bulb adapter, you are probably confronted with time consumption, challenges and headache. Our GT6 LED has almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen. Its all-in-one design for plug-and-play use can be perfectly integrated into your vehicles without any modification. No modification, no headache!



As an automotive led headlight bulb manufacturers, NAOEVO has been dedicated to providing high-quality led bulbs with competitive prices for our distributors all around the globe. Have a try with NAOEVO GT6 LED Headlight Bulbs if you are looking for high-quality, cost-effective headlight bulbs!

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