Top 3 Automotive LED Headlight Manufacturers in the World

January 11, 2022


With the pervasiveness of led headlight bulbs, more led headlight manufacturers are adopting the technology in recent years as costs drop. And halogen bulbs are quickly becoming obsolete due to the widespread of led automotive bulbs.


In the meanwhile, there are also countless suppliers of automotive LED car bulbs that fight for the top position, and you must be confused about how to find the top led car light bulb suppliers. Luckily, you will be narrow down your choice by reading this article. In this passage, we make a carefully compiled list of the top 3 best brands LED bulb for cars in the world and show you some of their most hot-selling products on the market. We hope that it will be useful for you as choosing a reliable automotive lighting supplier is one of the most important factors to succeed.


 Table of Content

1. Philips

1.1 X-tremeUltinon LED Bulb

2. Osram



3.3 Max3 LED Headlights

4. Conclusion





● Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

● Company Type: manufacturer

● Year founded: 1891

● Main products: Led headlight bulbs, Led interior and exterior lighting, Auto accessories


Founded in 1891, Philips a large international LED car headlight manufacturer of choice for more than 100 automakers. Their mission is to make it safer for the drivers with the latest LED headlight bulb technology. For nearly a century, Philips Automotive has been trusted by thousands of customers and partners for its forefront R&D, manufacturing power, and innovation. What set Philips apart from other manufacturer is that every year, Philips applies for 50 new patents. Seeking a better driving experience through light, Philips designs the headlight bulbs for perfection in performance, durability, and customers’ satisfaction.


X-tremeUltinon LED Bulb


 You can’t go wrong with Philips X-tremeUltinon LED headlight bulb which is one of the most popular LED Headlight Kits on the market. X-tremeUltinon LED is the pinnacle of technology innovation which uses a variety of Philips’ new patent designs in order to achieve a headlight that can surpass every expectation in every field.


By using the LUXEON LED technology, these LED bulbs offer 22W 1350LM brightness, 5800K color temperature, and provide light which is 200% brighter than halogen. The SafeBeam technology ensures X-tremeUltinon LED to provide an outstanding light closed to the daylight, the upgraded strong light enables you to see further on the road, without any glare on other drivers.


The amazing AirFlux and AirCool technology enable the bulbs to transfer the heat more effectively, thus increasing their lifespan to 12 years.


Power: 22W 1350LM (Per Bulb)

Color: 5800K

Lifespan: Up to 12 Years

Warranty: 5 Years (2 years standard + 3 years extended)





● Location: Munich, Germany

● Company Type: manufacturer

● Year founded: 1919

● Main products: Led headlight lamps, Xenon lamps, Halogen lamps, Auto accessories


Founded in 1919, with a century of development, Osram Automotive has become the valued and reputable world market manufacturer and supplier in automotive LED lighting who positions itself as a high-tech photonics company. As a global supplier to OEM aftermarket, they follow strict LED car bulbs manufacturing process so that they can support the customers’ needs wherever they are. The Osram company claims that half of the vehicles in the world are equipped with Osram automotive LED lights each year.


Their guidelines are Technology Leadership, Closeness to Customers, Trusted, and Proven Quality and Sustainability at Heart. They have gained TEMOT International Supplier Award 2016, European Product Design Award, iF Design Award. Osram car lights are known for high performance, reliability, and optimal for customers.




Here is Osram’s first street-legal LED low beam lamp. Benefit from better visibility, the NIGHT BREAKER LED offers stable 19W, 2500LM brightness, and cool white color temperature of 6000K with up to 220% light brighter than halogen bulbs.


Compared to regular halogen bulbs, the NIGHT BREKER LED provides the drivers with safer night driving as well as 50% less glare and a 5x longer lifespan than halogen bulbs. These brand-new LEDs are designed as compact as possible, they have been tested on the vehicle and confirmed by official test centers. Using upgraded LED technology, These bulbs are manufactured in a certified Osram plant in Italy.



Power: 19W 2500LM (Per Bulb)

Color: 6000K Cool White

Voltage: 12V

Lifespan: Up to 25,000 Hours

Warranty: 4 Years 






 ● Location: Guangzhou, China

● Company Type: manufacturer

● Year Founded: 2006

● Major Products: LED headlight bulb, LED working light, LED light bar


Founded in 2006 and with 15 years of experience, NAOEVO is a professional car LED light bulb wholesaler in China who is dedicated to offering high brightness and perfect beam pattern LED car lights for customers around the world. NAOEVO is very versatile and offers a myriad of products that range from LED headlight bulbs to LED motorcycle bulbs, however, its main product will always be LED headlight bulbs.


Located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, NAOEVO's top headlight bulb making factory has about 10,000m²with over 200 skillful workers and 20 professional engineers. All the staff have been trained to make sure they are competent in manufacturing first-class LED car lights and service. Every production line is equipped with state-of-art technology such as SMT Machine, Automatic Soldering Machine, and Glue Dispensing Machine. They follow a strict quality-control process and ensure each bulb shipped to the customers is of the highest quality.


As a quality LED headlight bulb supplier, NAOEVO’s mission is to provide the best LED car bulbs for the customers all over the world by using cutting-edge technology. NAOEVO now is a large LED car bulb supplier trusted by lots of distributors around the world. They insist on the principle of “One Area, One Distributor” The one who becomes the distributor of NAOEVO can enjoy the various benefits.


NAOEVO Max3 LED Headlights


NAOEVO Max3 LED bulbs have been greatly researched and developed to ensure they meet the demands of customers. Equipped with a quality flip-chip, Max3 LED bulbs provide 60W 6500LM super high output, 6500K cool white light so that drivers can see the hazards and react quickly in night driving. NAOEVO spent countless hours improving the light beam pattern, these bulbs produce standard cut-off low beam light and focus high beam light with no dark area and no glare to others.


Taking on dual-copper heat pipes and a high-speed mute fan, Max3 LED bulbs achieve distinctive heat dissipation with over 30,000 hours of lifespan. Additionally, the intelligent Canbus driver in Max3 can prevent the bulb from decoding problems such as flickering, dashboard warning, and radio interference.



Power: 60W 6500LM (Per Bulb)

Color: 6500K Cool White

Voltage: 12V

Lifespan: Up to 30,000 Hours

Warranty: 2 Years



Find the best wholesale shops and suppliers of LED headlight bulbs in the world to help you make a wise buying guide and decision.


All of these top 3 suppliers in LED headlight bulb have all made a great achievement in the automotive LED lighting industry. Deciding which is better - Philips, Osram, or NAOEVO depends on your own needs.


If you want the LED headlight bulb with a stable brightness and a long warranty guarantee, Philips and Osram automotive lighting are idealistic for you. For some customers who want to get the best balance of high brightness and high quality, NAOEVO Led headlight bulbs are the better option for you!

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