Top 5 Best LED Headlights For Cars In India of 2022

What is the best led headlight bulb in India? Which is the top 5 led lights for car in India? What is the best recommended led headlight brand in India? Which is the best manufacturer of automotive LED headlight in India? If you are still confused about all of these question, then read on the following passage, you’ll get the most suitable one for vehicles.


LED headlight bulbs are gradually dominant the automotive lighting industrial, they have become popular in the market for the features of better brightness, energy-efficiency, long-lasting, and cost-effective. It is quite easy to find plenty of LED headlight bulb options on the Internet, but it is very hard to select a good and reliable LED headlight. Here in this passage, we have made a list of top 5 best brands of LED headlight bulbs in India, which means that you will get the perfect balance of quality, reliability, and best value for money product. So, Let’s move on to this article and find your expected products.



Top 5 LED Headlight Bulbs: Reviews and Recommendations

        #1. Autobahn F5 G-XP3 LED Headlight Bulb
        #2. Carzex Max5 LED Conversion Kit
        #3. NAOEVO GT6 LED Headlight Bulb
        #4. NOVSIGHT N11 LED Headlight Conversion Kit
        #5. Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED Headlight Bulb
        #6. Best Recommended
        #7. FAQs


Top 5 Led Headlight Bulbs: Reviews and Recommendations


#1. Autobahn F5 G-XP3 LED Headlight Bulb


The Autobahn F5 G-XP3 LED headlight bulb is a hot-selling product in the Indian market. These cool white LED bulbs deliver a high output of 55 watts and 10,000 lumens per bulb. Super bright enough for drivers to see clearly and drive safely at night, avoiding potential accidents in advance.


By using the latest G-XP3 chip technology for automotive use, F5 LED headlight bulbs produce maximum brightness while still retaining a perfect light beam pattern without a blind zone. Moreover, these F5 LED headlight kits have a better cooling system thanks to the new vacuum liquid heat pipe with a 12000RPM powerful dual ball fan and the copper core substrate. This efficient heat dissipation prolongs the lifespan up to 30,000 hours. F5 LED headlight comes with a two-year warranty. It offers easy installation with no extra wiring.


■ Power: 55W 10000LM (Per Bulb)
■ Bulb Color: 6500K Cool White
■ Lifespan: 30,000 Hours
■ Warranty: 2 Years

Pros                                                                                                                    Cons                                                                                                                    
✅Easy Installation No Need Extra Wiring ❌ The Light Is Not Bright as It Advertised
✅ Efficient Cooling System for Longer Lifespan ❌ The Beam Pattern Has Dark Spot
✅No Battery Drain ❌ Can Trigger Headlight Flickering and Dashboard Warning


#2 Carzex Max5 LED Conversion Kit



These Carzex Max5 LED headlights bring you a premium quality with 25 watts and 5000 lumens per kit, excellent brightness which is 300% brighter than traditional halogen lamps. By adopting a powerful COB chip, this Max5 LED headlight produces a better light beam compared to that using normal LED chips.


The lifespan of these bulbs lasts for over 30,000 hours so that you can save money for a long-term run. Carzex Max5 LED bulbs are designed as small as possible, they have only 0.72 inches which can be easily plugged into 95% of vehicles without any modification. Moreover, equipped with a 6500 rpm high-speed mute fan, these bulbs have better heat dissipation. These bulbs have passed the IP67 water resistance certificate, they can also work well at temperatures from -40℃~180℃.


■ Power: 25W 5000LM (Per Bulb)
■ Bulb Color: 6000K Cool White
■ Lifespan: 30,000 Hours
■ Warranty: 2 Years

Pros                                                                                                                 Cons                                                                                                                     
✅ 6500RPM Cooling Fan Can Reduce the Heat  ❌ Low Output Could Be Considered Too Dim By Some
✅ 6000K Pure White For a Clear Vision  ❌ Not Good Enough In High Beam Pattern 
✅Working Well in Harsh Weather Condition With IP67 Waterproof ❌ Does Not Fix To All Headlight Housing 


 #3. NAOEVO GT6 LED Headlight Bulb 


NAOEVO is a quality LED headlight bulb manufacturer with over 15 years of experience specializing in automotive LED headlight kits. The launch of NAOEVO GT6 LED bulb has rising popularity in the Indian automotive lighting market.

Light up even the dimmest streets with these outstanding 45 watts and 5000 lumen GT6 LED headlight bulbs, this impressive brightness brings you exceptional visibility at night so that you can spot the obstacle and pedestrian in advance. 


With Flip-chip technology, GT6 LED bulbs have zero warm-up time and are able to produce a perfect light beam pattern with 45°cutoff light on low beam and focus light on high beam. They produce a concentrated illumination where you need it and avoid the scattered light which can cause potential glare to other drivers.


GT6 LED headlight bulb also has an unprecedented heat dissipation system. Designed with a copper heat pipe and an 8500 RPM high-speed mute fan, GT6 LED bulbs are able to transfer the heat more efficiently than other normal LED headlight bulbs. 


Looking for easy installation? GT6 LED headlight kits are the clear definition of plug-n-play. With a Canbus driver, these GT6 LED headlight kits are compatible with 12V and 24V vehicles, super easy installation without any flickering or light warning. These bulbs have gained lots of 5-star reviews from customers who have bought.


■ Power: 45W 5000LM (Per Bulb)
■ Bulb Color: 6500K Cool White
■ Lifespan: Up to 50,000 Hours
■ Warranty: 2 Years
■ Voltage: 12V/24V

Pros                                                                                                                    Cons                                                                                                                    
✅ High Brightness with Perfect Beam Pattern   ❌ Price Is a Bit Higher Than Other
✅ Efficient Heat Dissipation For Longer Lifespan
✅ Compatible with 99% Vehicles Easy Installation



#4. NOVSIGHT N11 LED Headlight Conversion Kit


With an impressive aluminum heat sink (in red!) Novsight N11 LED headlight Kit emits 30 watts, 5000 lumens. This means that you can see further at night and never be afraid of the darkness. By positioning LED chips centrally, these bulbs can respond instantly and are able to produce a sharp, focused, consistent light beam with no dark spots. These bulbs can rotate 360 degrees for better light beam pattern adjustment and are rated IP67, making them perform well on rainy and snowy days.


Novsight N11 LED headlights conduct the heat faster with the help of a 6063 aluminum heat sink and 12,000RPM double ball-bearing fan. Therefore, better heat dissipation ensures the bulb works normally in high output, but the lifespan they claim of 100,000 hours seems exaggerated.


These N11 headlights have an easy installation in 15-20 minutes. They are all-in-one compact design for plug-n-play use and no need for extra hardware to set it up.


■ Power: 30W 5000LM (Per Bulb)
■ Bulb Color: 6000K Cool White
■ Lifespan: ≥100,000 Hours
■ Voltage: DC 9V-32V
■ Warranty: 2 Years

Pros                                                                                                                 Cons                                                                                                                     
✅Good Brightness ❌Could Have Flicker Problem In Some Vehicles
✅Fashionable and Cool Design ❌Impractical Lifespan Estimate
✅Resistant to rain and snow storms


#5. Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED Headlight Bulb


Philips has harnessed all their experience and world-class experts and engineers to make the first-class LED headlight bulb which is far superior to that of the competitors. The Philips Ultinon Pro9000 has been selected for the 2021 Red Dot design which makes it one of the stand-out products. 


Ultinon Pro9000 LED bulb gives drivers an output of 18 watts, 1500 lumens per kit which is up to 250% stronger than halogen bulb. 5800K stylish cool white color temperature provides natural and comfortable light for night driving and does not bother oncoming traffic. Thanks to Philips SafeBeam technology, the position of the light beam pattern is optimized to produce maximum brightness of the road ahead. The AirCool and Air Boost technology in these Pro9000 bulbs are beneficial to the efficient cooling system. This compact, one-piece design fits most vehicles and is compatible with both projector and reflector. They also can be installed easily without any adapters.


The Philips clams that these Pro9000 LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 5000 hours and an incredible warranty of 5 years. Ultinon Pro9000 LED bulbs have a stable and optimal LED light output.


■ Power: 18W, 1500LM (Per Bulb)
■ Bulb Color: 5800K Cool White
■ Lifespan: ≥5000 Hours
■ Voltage: DC 12V-24V
■ Warranty: 5 Years

Pros                                                                                                             Cons                                                                                                                            
✅ 5 Years Warranty   ❌ Could Be Considered Too Dim By Some Customers  
✅ Compact, Plug-n-Play Design  ❌ 5000 Hours Lifespan Could Be Short
✅ SafeBeam Technology For Accurate Illumination ❌ Expensive Price


Best Recommended!

After reviewing these top 5 best sellers LED headlight bulbs available on the market, you can see that each LED bulbs have their pros and cons. It is difficult to choose the best one, however, it is possible to choose the preferable one. Therefore, we have made a comprehensive comparison in terms of brightness, beam pattern, price, lifespan and finally came with our best recommended products.


Why Choose NAOEVO GT6 LED Headlight Bulb?



The first thing we consider before buying the bulb is whether it is compatible with your car or not. Many bulbs on the market do not fit with most cars actually.


Surprisingly this GT6 LED headlight bulb carries a Canbus driver which can plug into 12V and 24V vehicles without any error messages such as flickering, radio interference, or dash board warning.


✅Long Lifespan

NAOEVO GT6 is made to last. It has a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and thanks to better thermal dissipation technology, this bulb can maintain a low temperature for a high output operation.


✅Easy Installation


You can easily install GT6 led headlight by yourself and it doesn’t need a professional mechanic to do it. GT6 LED bulbs are a plug-n-play design. They also provide a clear instruction manual inside the package and you can also browse the installation video on their YouTube channel.




GT6 LED bulbs produce exceptional brightness that highly lights up the dark road at 45 watts, 5000 lumens per bulb. It is reported that have a color temperature of more than 5,000 Kelvin is the safest headlight bulb. GT6 offers 6500K cool white light for better vision at night. This is neither too bright nor too dim. 


✅Beam Pattern 


Excellent beam pattern has been praised by lots of customers. NAOEVO have their own light beam R&D team to ensure each GT6 LED bulb produces a first-class light beam pattern. Standard 45 angle cut-off low beam light and focused high beam light make you see further and won’t dazzle oncoming traffic.


5-Star Review From Buyers




Q: Should I Switch From Halogen Headlights to LED Headlights?

It is worth replacing your halogen with LED headlight bulbs. Changing your stock headlights for LED bulbs have a myriad of advantages in terms of safety and efficiency. LED headlight bulbs produce stronger and higher illumination with less energy consumption. The lifespan of LED headlights is longer than halogen. Installing LED car bulbs will generally reduce the cost of frequent bulb replacement.


Q: Are LED Headlights Legal in India?

es, LED headlight bulbs are legal in India. But you should be careful to notice that if your headlights are rated as “DOT approved” or not. If a product is listed as “DOT Approved”, it means that the products are manufactured to spec and regulation to meet certain standard requirements. If your LED car bulbs have this certificate, then they are legal to use on road.


Q: Is It Complicated To Install Led Bulbs In Car Headlights?

Absolutely not, nowadays most cars have standard sockets, and most LED bulbs are manufactured with standard installation notches for easy plug-n-play use. So, as long as you get the compatible ones, and have a better understanding of the headlight housing, then you can “do it yourself”. To install the LED bulb in your car easily, all you need to do is:
1. Find the right size bulb for installation.
2. Open the hood.
3. Disconnect the power socket from the bulb
4. Unlock the spring that secures the bulb
5. Remove the bulb carefully
6. Install the new led headlight bulb at the correct position
7. Connect the power
8. Check the light beam pattern
Repeat these steps to install the other bulb


Q: What is the lifespan of led headlights?

The lifespan of LED headlight bulb can last from 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours. How long your headlights last depends on several factors such as the cooling system, the brand, and how you drive. Harsh climates can shorten the lifespan of car bulbs and those who drive at night frequently will find their headlights don’t last for a long time. However, it is true that LED headlight bulbs have a longer lifespan than halogen bulbs. 

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