Top 6 Auto LED headlight bulb Manufacturers in India 2022

July 8, 2022

Automotive LED lighting remains a significant component in Indian vehicles. Apart from adding an aesthetic look to your cars, they also play a vital role in road safety. As India Automotive Lighting Market reported, though the Indian automotive lighting market is still dominated by halogen and HID, the lighting segment is now being quickly replaced with LED headlight bulbs.


However, the concern for road safety and Indian government regulations for lighting are the main reasons for the rise in demand for LED car light bulbs in India. Without a doubt, it is a golden age to start the LED car lighting business.


If you are looking to enter the LED headlight bulb industry in India, choosing the right LED headlight bulb supplier in India will make you get twice the result with half the effort. Check out our list of the top Indian automotive lighting wholesalers that you can contact now.


#1. Osram India Pvt. Ltd
#2. Philips India Ltd.
#3. Hella India Automotive Lighting Ltd.
#4. Lumax Industries Ltd.
#5. Mobis India Limited
#7. Conclusion


#1. Osram India Pvt. Ltd


Osram India Pvt. Ltd is a private incorporated in 1993. It is one of the largest automotive headlight bulb manufacturers in India. It has 1,200 employees and over Rs.1 billion in sales, allowing it to efficiently distribute the latest products to its clients.


The company’s ultimate goal is to manufacture top-quality lighting solutions in the automobile field, such as street-legal LED car lighting, LED fog lamps, LED working lights, LED interior and exterior lights. It also develops a strong core team comprised of the best automotive LED lighting experts and engineers in India. By buying Osram car headlight bulbs in India, you also buy the quality.


As a pioneer and leader in automotive lighting, Osram provides a competitive price, quality-assured headlight bulbs with a long warranty of at least 5 years. One of their best-sellers, LEDriving series headlamps, is popular among many headlight bulb distributors. If you decide to cooperate with the most trustworthy car LED headlight bulb provider in India, Osram lighting is your one-stop shop.


• Location: Mumbai, India
• Business Types: manufacturer & supplier
• Foundation: 1993
• Number of Employees: about 1,200 people
• Major Products: LED headlamps (H/L), LED working lights, LED interior lamps,motorcycle lighting, accessories for LED retrofit lamps


#2. Philips India Ltd


Philips India has been one of the oldest automotive LED lighting manufacturers since 1930. Starting with 75 employees, Philips India Ltd now has grown to over 4,500 employees with a turnover of over US$ 333 million. Nearly a century of development has made Philips the first choice for LED automotive headlight manufacturers in India.


Philips automotive lighting has been synonymous with high-quality, reliable, innovative technology. They are committed to offering best-in-class products and services for the entire automotive car lighting industry. Philips India boasts a team of the best experts in the world who bring the latest technological advances to automotive lighting and maximize safety and driving comfort for all drivers.


Philips India offers an extensive range of automotive lighting products to meet all clients' exact needs and demands. From halogen to xenon to LED headlight bulbs as well as a wide range of interior and exterior LED applications. Philips India Ltd. has worked for a century and has consistently supplied quality LED headlight bulbs to its clients.


• Location: Kolkata, India
• Business Types: manufacturer
• Foundation: 1930
• Number of Employees: over 4,500 people
• Major Products: LED headlights, halogen car light bulbs, Xenon headlights, motorcycle LED headlights, car accessories


#3. Hella India Automotive Lighting Ltd.


HELLA has an experience of over 50 years of dealing with automotive LED lighting in India. They have employed over 4,000 employees in more than 125 locations in 35 countries. HELLA India is known for setting global standards for quality, customer orientation and has built up a niche in both the international and domestic market as a manufacturer of auto lighting technology.


HELLA India Automotive lighting Ltd. (HIA) has its major plants in Dhanko and Becharaji. To meet their clients’ demand for massive production, all of the plants have been equipped with the latest machines and facilities. HELLA India introduces a comprehensive range of automotive parts, automotive LED lighting bulbs, halogen and Xenon headlights, and interior lighting, all for Indian OEM and the independent aftermarket.


HELLA is committed to road safety through its company vision and has attracted numinous clients in India with its leading quality and costs, outstanding technology, and exceeding productivity.


If you are looking for a best-in-class headlight bulb manufacturer in the automotive lighting industry with strong technology support, HELLA India would be your right partner.


• Location: Gurgaon, India
• Business Types: manufacturer & supplier
• Foundation: 1959
• Number of Employees: over 4,000 people
• Major Products: Automotive LED lighting, automotive headlights, car tail lights, fog lights, automotive electronics, etc.


#4. Lumax Industries Ltd


Founded in the year of 1981, Lumax has undergone several obstacles in its growth journey of becoming the pioneer and leading business in automotive lighting in India. Today, Lumax is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive lighting in India with a turnover of Rs 2700 crores.


With 12 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located across the country. Lumax Auto covers a wide range of products, including automotive lighting products for two and four-wheeler which includes LED headlight bulbs, halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, and other car accessories. Their headlight bulbs have high brightness, precise beam pattern, and are long-lasting.


The company’s main goal is to utilize the latest technology to manufacture the highest quality auto lighting products for the best prices so that all the customers, partners, and wholesalers enjoy the maximum value. It is also one of the few integrated players in India, possessing a combination of research and development ability, and technological competence. Cooperated with Lumax Auto, you will quickly build up your brand base.


• Location: New Delhi, India
• Business Types: manufacturer & supplier
• Foundation: 1981
• Number of Employees: over 4,000 people
• Major Products: LED car light bulb, halogen headlight bulb and incandescent bulb, car accessories for two and four-wheeler.


#5. Mobis India Limited


Founded in 1977, Hyundai MOBIS India has become one of the most trustworthy auto parts suppliers in India. It lies in their upgrading the network between dealers & distributors to a highly efficient and sustainable B2B network. By offering top-quality products, technologies, and services, Hyundai MOBIS strengthened its position in the automotive parts industry to become the sixth largest global automotive parts supplier in 2015.


MOBIS India has dedicated its full capacity to manufacturing a variety of cutting-edge automotive parts and accessories, including LED headlight bulbs, car headlamps, modules, multimedia, and intelligent systems. Under the motto of “Drive with the Customers”, all their products meet the rigorous manufacturing standards to achieve global customer satisfaction.


MOBIS India has supplied auto accessories to roughly 4,800,000 Hyundai cars running on Indian roads. Aside from being a manufacturer, MOBIS India also expends their marketing to overseas markets. MOBIS India is a truly powerful automotive parts company and can fully fulfill all your auto car lighting needs.


• Location: Tamil Nadu, India
• Business Types: manufacturer & supplier
• Foundation: 1977
• Number of Employees: over 200 people
• Major Products: LED headlight bulbs, car headlamp, module, multimedia, and intelligent systems




Although they are located in China, NAOEVO lighting also manufactures and exports first-class automotive LED headlight bulbs to India. They offer a complete set of services that includes LED chips R&D, LED headlight bulb design, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.


NAOEVO provides a wide variety of LED automotive lighting, such as LED headlight bulbs, motorcycle LED headlights, and LED light bars.


What sets NAOEVO apart from other LED headlight bulb manufacturers is its restless pursuit of high-quality LED car lighting products. With a 10,000 square meters plant, several advanced technical types of equipment, 200 trained employees, and 10 skillful R&D personnel, all provide conditions for the production of superior LED car bulbs and meet the requirement for large-scale manufacturing.


From the first day of its establishment, NAOEVO has been committed to producing high-end automotive lighting products at the most preferential price. For over a decade, NAOEVO has now become a leading LED headlights manufacturer in India and has helped its clients achieve great success in the LED headlights industry. If you want to purchase LED headlight bulbs at wholesale price and quickly dominate the Indian auto LED lighting market, NAOEVO will be your reliable partner!


• Location: Guangzhou, China
• Business Types: manufacturer & supplier
• Foundation: 2006
• Number of Employees: about 200 people
• Major Products: LED headlight bulbs, motorcycle LED lighting, LED light bar



They are plenty of automotive lighting manufacturers in India, and it can be difficult to choose the best one.

The above recommended automotive lighting manufacturers, each have their strengths. Osram and Philips, for example, are tend to produce low-power LED headlights with three to five years warranty. However, if you are looking for a manufacturer that specializing in producing high brightness LED headlights, then NAOEVO should be your best partner.


After reading this list of manufacturers, we believe that you already know exactly how to select the most suitable supplier to purchase the best LED lighting products.

For more information about the quality and reliable LED headlight bulbs, please contact us.

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