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H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series
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H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

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H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series
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H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

H11B LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6400LM 6500K White | NAOEVO K1 Series

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$25.99 USD
Regular price
$59.99 USD
H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series, 2 Bulbs
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H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series - NAOEVO

H11 LED Headlight Bulb 180W 21600LM White | NAOEVO NG Series, 2 Bulbs

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H7 LED Light Bulb 120W 13000LM 6500K White | NAOEVO MAX3 Series
Super Bright H7 LED Light Bulb 13000LM 6500K Easy Plug and Play - NAOEVO

H7 LED Light Bulb 120W 13000LM 6500K White | NAOEVO MAX3 Series

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H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm
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H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm - NAOEVO

H15 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam with DRL Super Bright White 6000K 72W 7600lm

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H7 LED Headlight Bulb 140W 16800LM 6500K White | NAOEVO ND Series
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Brightest H7 LED Headlight Bulb 140W 16800LM White | PROJECTOR HOUSING - NAOEVO

H7 LED Headlight Bulb 140W 16800LM 6500K White | NAOEVO ND Series

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180W 21600LM H7 LED Bulbs | NAOEVO NL Series, 2 Bulbs
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180W 21600LM H7 LED Bulbs | NAOEVO NL Series, 2 Bulbs

180W 21600LM H7 LED Bulbs | NAOEVO NL Series, 2 Bulbs

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Top 6 Best LED Headlight Brands in South America 2022

South American automotive LED lighting market is anticipated to register proliferation in the coming years owing to an increased growth pattern in automobile adoption. The innovation of technology also drives LED car lights to a new era. In addition, automotive LED light is becoming more widespread because of its inherent advantages, such as energy-saving, cost-effectiveness, high durability, and a stylish look.


Currently, South America is one of the biggest markets for automotive LED headlight bulbs in the world and has boasted some of the famous LED headlight bulb companies in its stable.


Thus, if you decide to purchase LED headlight bulbs in South America and boost your business, you will need a reliable and reputable LED headlight brand. In this article, you will get to know the top 6 popular LED car light bulb brands in South America.


1. LUXED LED Headlight

Located in Ecuador, LUXED is a well-known brand in South America that specialize in the constant development and innovation of LED technology. LUXED claims cutting-edge technology and a diverse selection of automotive LED lighting solutions for the South American market, including LED headlight bulbs, exterior and interior LED LED lights. In addition, the LED headlight bulbs provided by LUXED features upgraded brightness, perfect light beam pattern, and easy installation.


This LUXED H7 CR50 LED bulb is one of the best sellers in South America. Equipped with CREE chip, this bulb delivers a completely white light at a color temperature of 6500K. Besides, this bulb emits an upgraded brightness at an output of 5000LM/bulb, which is up to 150% more than the original without damaging your car’s headlights or dazzling other drivers.


The LUXED LED bulb is designed with a Canbus driver, which means that when remove the halogen and install the LED headlight bulb in your car, it won’t cause any error messages. Thus it can be installed in 98% of cars without the need for adaptations or cuts in covers.


LUXED is a benchmark of quality and innovation in terms of LED lighting for cars, and it has made sure that it brings all that global experience and expertise for its products in South America.


Some Benefits of LUXED LED Headlight Bulb:

✅They provide high-performance LED bulb
✅They adopt the most cutting-edge technology
✅Easy installation solution


2. LEFER LED Headlight Bulb


LEFER is a leading company in the auto lighting field that has become one of the popular brands of accessories and lighting for vehicles in Argentina, even the whole of South America. LEFER claims to deliver the latest releases on the South American market and they have an innovative showroom where you can find everything you are looking for.


These Q4 LED headlight bulbs from LEFER are equipped with CSP technology chip, and the chips are smaller in size but feature a high intensity per unit with less heat, which means that these bulbs are capable of providing an output of 26W 4500 LM per lamp.


Better cooling is a key factor for high-performance LED headlight bulbs. A hollow-carved heat sink and 12000 RPM turbofan is incorporated into the LEFER LED headlight bulbs for efficient cooling. In this case, these bulbs are able to run for over 30,000 hours.


What’s more, this LEFER LED headlight bulb is fully CANbus ready and does not cause any errors or warning lights in the car. The intelligent IC driver is a nice touch and really helps keep the headlights running without a hitch.


Some Benefits of LEFER LED Headlight Bulb:

✅Meet the requirements of customers
✅They provide energy-saving LED headlight bulbs
✅One of the most trusted brands in South America



After identifying a demand for quality automotive LED lighting in the South American market, SHOCKLIGHT started its activities in the second half of 2013, selling the line of LED headlight kits within the original standards and maintaining the highest quality.


Investments in new tools, quality raw material, start-of-the-art production equipment and qualified labor ensure SHOCKLIGHT products are of excellent quality. Now, SHOCKLIGHT has become one of the most trusted and relied upon brands for auto LED headlight bulbs in South America.


This SHOCKLIGHT S11 LED headlight bulb offers excellent visibility, starting with a 6000K cool white color temperature, which can greatly light up the dark road more than ever before. By delivering an output of 35W 4000LM per bulb, SHOCKLIGHT LED bulb promises a brightness of up to three times greater than halogen for wider and father illumination.


Besides, with an aluminum heat sink design, and a high-speed cooling fan, this LED headlight bulb features as a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, giving it the highlights everyone demands.


Another feature of this bulb is its 360-degree adjustable beam, which uses a 360-degree adjustable collar for greater light distribution. This design means that it performs well in most of the headlight housing without causing any dark spots.


Benefits of SHOCKLIGHT LED Headlight Bulb

✅A reputable brand for LED headlight bulb
✅Experience in automotive LED headlight
✅Complete distribution network system
✅Quality assured


4. Tech One

Founded in 2006, Tech One has been in the market for 15 years and is the largest manufacturer of automotive LED lighting and accessories in the South America. Innovation is one of the main actions of this brand, which is always attentive to the evolution of the LED headlight bulb in South American market. Currently, Tech One is unquestionably one of the best auto LED lighting companies in South America.


From an especially well-known brand in South America, these Tech One LED headlight bulbs offer plenty of pop, leading with an upgraded intensity of 4100 lumens per bulb and 6000K color temperature, which is classified as day white and offers better nighttime visibility than the blue spectrum.


On the construction side, the Tech One LED headlight bulbs use an aviation aluminum shell that allows for improved heat dissipation and a high-speed fan for better heat dissipation. A hallow-carved design heat sink also works to transfer heat generated from the bulb away from the unit, and dissipated into the atmosphere to extend its service lifespan.


Another feature customers like is their IP67 waterproof rating, which offers excellent dust and water ingress protection and each LED bulb carries a 30,000 hours lifespan, absolutely lasting longer than stock halogen headlight bulbs.


Benefits of TECHONE LED Headlight Bulb

✅Innovative products that follow the standard required by the market
✅Variety of product solutions
✅Maturation process from product development to end consumers
✅Well-known brand in South America


5.ASX Automotive LED Lighting

ASX has been in the automotive LED lighting market in South America since 2012, acting as a reference in the automotive lighting and accessories segment, offering its customer personalized service with high-tech and safety products. Their LED headlight bulb products inspire an immense amount of trust. The brand is known in the South American market for its high-performance LED headlight bulb. It is one of the Top branded automotive LED lighting company in South America.


The ASX LED Headlight Bulb offers excellent all-around utility, starting with CSP technology good for up to 300% brighter illumination than traditional halogen bulbs. A 6000K color temperature offers excellent light for drivers when driving at night.


In the aspect of heat dissipation, ASX LED headlights to do a phenomenal job with thermal management, starting with an aluminum body and a large area of the heat sink that helps pull heat away from the source, absorbing thermal energy on the inside and throwing it out into the atmosphere. Their advanced technology for heat management makes the bulbs come with a long lifespan of 30,000 hours.


If you are looking for a dependable, bright, and long-lasting pair of LED headlight bulb in the South America, you can’t really go wrong with the ASX LED headlight.


Benefits of ASX LED Headlight Bulb

✅Excellent customer service
✅Cost-effective price
✅Continuous improvement in product quality
✅Experience and reputable brand in South America


6. NAOEVO LED Lighting


Although they are based in China, NAOEVO also supplies high-quality auto LED lighting products to South America, and has become one of the best LED headlight brands in South American market.


With 16 years of experience in LED headlight bulb production, NAOEVO is capable of manufacturing the most cutting-edge LED headlight bulbs, which are relevant and suitable for South American night driving conditions. Until now, NAOEVO has cooperated with 13 distributors in South America and is looking for distributors to achieve a win-win business.


NAOEVO ND series LED headlight bulb is growing day by day in the field of LED headlights, which has become one of the top-rated products in South America because of its high brightness and creative “spider” design. One of the most important facts behind its popularity is that it can produce 70W 8400LM super bright light. According to some research and tests, it is one of the brightest LED headlights in the South American market.


ND LED headlight bulb takes a good balance of brightness and light beam pattern. Bright but not blind. With a reasonable arrangement of LED chip, ND LED headlight bulb produces brilliant illumination while keeping a perfect light beam pattern without dazzling other drivers. In addition, ND LED bulb is engineered with a dual-copper heat pipe and a 12000 RPM high-speed mute fan, which can achieve three times cooling capacity.


Benefits of buying NAOEVO LED headlight bulb:

✅Best factory wholesale price
✅Complete customized service
✅High brightness auto LED lighting products
✅Exclusive benefits for distributors/partners
✅Have a good brand effect in South America


NAOEVO: A Reliable LED Headlight Brand in South America

Why you should choose NAOEVO in South America?

NAOEVO has been in the automotive LED headlight manufacturing business since 2006 and, for more than 16 years, has provided quality LED headlight bulbs to clients around the world, especially in South America.


NAOEVO is known for its high brightness LED headlight bulbs, but they also supply motorcycle LED bulbs, exterior/interior LED lights, and LED light bars. NAOEVO is likely to offer competitive wholesale pricing without compromising the quality of its products. Because of this, they have gained a reputation for supplying the best LED headlight bulbs in South America.


#1. Factory direct sales with competitive prices

Some of the LED headlight brands in South America rely on outsourcing factories to manufacture their branded products. To some extent, it is easy to reduce quality control and cause additional costs.


With in-house factory support, NAOEVO meets the demand of both large and small-scale production while keeping strict quality control. Besides, purchasing from NAOEVO means you are buying directly from a manufacturer without the intermediary, completely eliminating the costs associated with this middle step. Therefore, clients and distributors can get more margins from the products.


#2. A well-known brand in South America

When you’re looking for motorcycle LED bulbs in South America, you must have heard of NAO’s M3MAX, one of the most popular products in South America. NAOEVO has established a strong brand base by producing high-quality products that cater to the needs of South American consumers and is highly recognized by many customers.


NAOEVO stands for quality, prospective, and opportunity. With the gradual expansion of NAOEVO’s brand influence in South America, it is proud to have 13 distributors in South America, and all of them have had great success in their region.


#3. Exclusive benefits for distributors

💡# Direct wholesale price
💡# Market protection “one area, one distributor
💡# The most innovative LED headlight bulb
💡# Low MOQ (minimum order quantity)
💡# On-time, in-full delivery
💡# Unparalleled customer service
💡# Private label packaging
💡# Free marketing support: banner, catalogs, test box, etc


NAOEVO’s goal is not only to provide quality, innovative, in-demand LED headlight bulbs, but also to build a support network for our distributors and customers. NAOEVO is always looking for ambitious and professional distributors who share our goals and are willing to have mutually beneficial business with our reliable products. Get a move on, become our distributor today!



These top 6 LED headlight brands in South America currently operate on a global basis. In order to market your LED headlight bulbs successfully, focusing on the low price isn’t enough. Finding a well-known auto LED headlight brand will help you get to the South American market faster.


Moreover, if you still don’t know which brand to choose, we suggest NAOEVO, which will aid in supplying any business with superior LED headlight bulb products.

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