Top 7 popular brands of LED headlights in India

July 12, 2022

LED headlight bulb is the most modern technology used for the headlight assembly of the car. It has several technological benefits over its rivals - halogen and HID headlamps. LED bulbs have brighter light, better energy-efficient and longer lifespan.


The Indian automotive lighting market has witnessed significant growth on account of increased automotive sales and concerns about road safety. Therefore LED headlamps are becoming very fashionable in the Indian market.

There are countless LED headlight brands either provide high output LED bulbs, long warranty, plug-n-play or OEM services. Whichever the case, it is of utmost necessity to ensure that you purchase the best ones. Here are the top 7 best LED headlight brands in India. Read on the passage.


#2. Philips
#3. Osram
#4. Autobahn
#5. Novsight
#6. Phoenix
#7. Maxxlink
#8. Conclusion 




Since its foundation in 2006, Guangzhou, China. NAOEVO lighting company has become one of the largest manufacturers in the automotive lighting industry. Its experience in the manufacture of LED headlight bulbs has gained it a reputation and top position in the Indian market.


Their professional knowledge of LED headlight bulbs makes their products more valuable than any other LED headlight supplier in today’s world market. They sell bulk automotive LED lighting products at the most competitive wholesale prices around the world, including in India.


They have 10,000 square meters in-house factory with over 200 proficient staff that pays specialized attention to generating innovative and quality LED headlights which capture the market trend. NAOEVO is capable of providing the best OEM solutions that match energy conservation and budget schedule while keeping outstanding performance in lighting with a long lifespan and warranty.


To boost your business, NAOEVO company will provide you with in-depth marketing strategies and proprietary client support. With the increase in brand awareness of NAOEVO, they have 40 distributors around the world. Become an agent of NAOEVO, you can get more benefits to promote your business.


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Location: Guangzhou, China
Established Year: 2006
Business Type: Manufacturer
Key Products: LED headlight bulbs, motorcycle LED bulbs, interior/exterior LED bulbs, LED light bars


2. Philips


Philips Electrical Co., located in Mumbai, was established in 1930. With over a century years of experience, Philips has become one of the most reputable manufacturers in the supply of first-class, innovative, and highest quality automotive lighting products in India and around the world.


Philips meets the auto lighting needs of all leading LED headlight bulbs, halogen headlights and Xenon HID lights industry in India. Some of their LED headlight products, such as the X-tremeUltinon, the Ultinon Essential, the Ultinon Pro5000, and other H4 headlight bulbs are reckoned as the best-sellers in India, because they are featured as the precise beam of light, maximum output, long-lasting lifespan and long warranty.


From high-performance lighting that improves driver safety, to lighting designed to enhance the stay of the ride, Philips is committed to offering automotive lighting products that incorporate the leading edge lighting technology and original equipment quality that have made them the No.1 choice of the major car manufacturer and aftermarket in India.


Location: Mumbai, India
Established Year: 1930
Business Type: Manufacturer & supplier
Key Products: LED headlight bulbs, halogen headlight bulbs. HID Xenon headlight bulbs, signaling and interior lighting
Product Page:


3. Osram


The OSRAM India, founded in 1919, has a lengthy history in the car lighting manufacturing field. For over 110 years, OSRAM India has become one of the dominant headlight bulb manufacturers in India. Auto lighting from OSRAM shines in all 32 states and union territories.


With OSRAM’s world-class engineering team at the helm of the automotive lighting manufacturing process, it should come as no surprise that the car lighting products from OSRAM ensure an impeccable lighting performance, uniformly light diffusion, aesthetic lighting, and high durability. Its outstanding quality car lighting products with a 5-year warranty give the company a competitive advantage over other manufacturers in India.


OSRAM has effectively introduced headlight bulb technology to meet the challenging quality standards of global and domestic customers.


Location: New Delhi, India
Established Year: 1993
Business Type: Manufacturer & supplier
Key Products: LED headlight bulbs, LED interior lamps; LED working lights;


4. Autobahn



Established in the year 2017 in India, Autobahn Technologies are engaged as the foremost manufacturer and wholesaler of LED headlight bulbs. Although only a few years of development, the Autobahn is now a well-known name and has gained a huge client base in the Indian market.


This brand uses the latest LED technology to ensure premium quality as well as provide affordable prices. Most Autobahn LED headlights have received high praise from customers as these bulbs offer appropriate beam patterns and easy installation solutions.


Furthermore, the Autobahn has attained appreciation from clients across India, owing to the reasonable prices, timely delivery, ethical business politics, and large distribution network.


Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Established Year: 2017
Business Type: Manufacturer/exporter/wholesaler
Key Products: LED headlights, fog lights, LED interior and exterior lights


5. Novsight

Though located in China. Novsight is a well-known LED headlight brand in India and you can easily find it on multiple sales platforms like Flipkart, IndiaMART, Alibaba and Amazon. The combination of the company’s name ‘Novo’ and ‘Sight’ which means “innovation” in Latin. Novsight takes the advantage of advanced technology in providing the best solution for automotive lighting. Its products cover Auto LED Car Light Bulb, Fog Lamp, LED Work Lights and so on.


With the continuous improvement of brand influence, Novsight company has established an independent design team, engineering and R&D team, business department, logistics and after-sales department. It has a powerful partner factory to provide OEM/ODM service and supply various LED headlights to meet the different needs of customers.


Location: Guangzhou, China
Established Year: 2008
Business Type: trading company
Key Products: LED headlight conversion kits, LED work lights, LED light bar


6. Phoenix


Phoenix is a local car light brand in India with decades of experience and extensive knowledge of complete automotive lighting. With Indian pioneering experts in LED car light bulbs, Phoenix company is in a top position to design and manufacture LED bulbs for cars that are suitable for Indian conditions and made to the quality standards.


Phoenix company has proven ability to deliver the best auto lighting products which have been credited with ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16949: 2016, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificates. The quality of its headlight bulbs showcases the art of high brightness, durability, easy installation and improved compatibility from the team of professionals.


Phoenix is counted as the most preferred manufacturer and supplier of automobile LED lighting in India. Starting with an investment of USD 70 million in 1991, Phoenix now has three integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing plants located in India so that they can capture a major portion of the domestic and international markets.


Location: Karnataka, India
Established Year: 1991
Business Type: manufacturer and supplier
Key Products: LED car light bulbs, LED tail lamps, halogen headlamps


7. Maxxlink


Maxxlink Company, founded in 2014, in India, is a specialist supplier of car accessories including LED headlight bulbs.


It made LED headlights come in a pretty wide variety of styles so customers can definitely find that suit their preferences and needs. Their flagship products such as Maxxlink GT LED bulbs, Z4 LED bulbs and R8 LED bulbs are enjoying great popularity in India.


Maxxlink has worked hard to establish itself as ab innovative experiential marketing agency that aim to create tomorrow’s great experiences today.


The standards have become more restrictive as a market trend change. To deal with the challenging business situation, Maxxlink is concentrating on improving LED headlight bulbs in lighting performance, chip, and heat dissipation. They are dedicated to enhancing customer loyalty and providing budget-friendly solutions to their buyers.


Location: Delhi, India
Established Year: 2014
Business Type: supplier
Key Products: LED headlight kits, car electronics, car accessories



In India, there are quite a number of LED headlight brands. However, this does not qualify them all as high-quality LED car light bulbs. To get good products, great customer service, and highly effective customer support, the above brands can meet all your expectations.


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